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Medical Marijuana Patients Raise Uproar over I-502

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Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- Going back from their promise is the accusation made by patients needing Medical Marijuana, while opposing Initiative 502 to take full-effect shortly. BoycottI502.com has taken the lead in coordination with the non-profit organization dispensaryexchange.com, to protect the legitimate rights of the suffering patients, from illnesses that direly need Medical Marijuana to be used for remedy.

As everybody knows, the political wrangle has been going on since 1998 regarding the use of Medical Marijuana – Cannabis used for its medicinal value. At that time, the medical fraternity realized that patients can benefit by appropriate use of this herbal plant, under medical care for certain ailments and illnesses for relief from certain adverse medical conditions. The Federal and State laws found Medical Marijuana-based drugs as legal and any Medical Dispensary can store and sell the drug to public.

The Washington Legislature under the auspices of Washington State Liquor Control Board had taken a different view for no apparent reason; and has moved I-502 under the guise of “marijuana reform” to impose severe restrictions for the use of Cannabis, including the safety-certified Medical Marijuana. Close on the heels is Colorado Marijuana drug policy makers to take up the I-502 as amendment 64, which is to go for ballot on 27th February. This is considered as a negate mandate and belying the confidence posed by the people, in reversing their stand.

The after-effects of these radical changes are causing great hardship for the patients using Medical Marijuana. The prices of Cannabis-based drugs are shooting up and skyrocketing beyond the reach of bona fide users. The condition is worsening in Colorado, where Cannabis has become a rare commodity due to the huge out of state demands, and the Marijuana Stores report that they will be running out of stock in a few days, jeopardizing the lawful needs of patients.

The legislators supporting the above amendments to Medical Marijuana Drug Policy are purporting an unwanted burden on the heads of the people. This is gross infringement on the rights of the people, in declaring something illegal which was found quite legal since the year 1998. The people are the sufferers by the inordinate scarcity created for the Medical Marijuana Drugs by the politicians, and by doing so they are not with the electorate who sent them to the Law Making Agencies, but are only supporting vested interests fleecing the people to buy Medical Marijuana Drugs with heavy taxes, in particular authorized stores.

Boycott I-502.com is spearheading the public opposition towards this cause. They are supported by dispensaryexchange.com in this benevolent cause. The strategy adopted by Boycott I-502.com is to mobilize public support against I-502, and give them a powerful voice for vehemently opposing I-502. Starting from today, Boycott I-502.com announces that users of their site can sign the petition published at their site to boycott Initiative 502.

With the present day facilities, public opposition can certainly reach the ultimate places to correct errors, through the Internet. This is necessitated to sound the alarm bell for the wayward politicians, who act against public will that the electorate will not be voting for them in the next election, unless they amend their ways and handle I-502 properly.

All interested voters are invited to sign the petition and take a Pledge to Boycott I-502 by clicking http://boycotti502.com/

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