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2013 Medical Textiles Market Developments Analysis adds "Developments in medical textiles" new market research report to its store.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Textiles and fibres have long played a vital role in the medical and healthcare sector. In recent years, however, the role played by fibre-based materials has advanced dramatically. For example, silicon fibres are now used to produce textiles for use in the manufacture of biodegradable implantable devices, and nonwoven textiles are being used to manufacture implants for use in tissue engineering. Textile-based stents are helping to support and keep veins and arteries open, and many of these devices are complex structures which require the use of sophisticated manufacturing technologies.

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Also, fibres are being used to reinforce medical balloons which assist surgeons in the repair of spinal injuries and collapsed arteries. Furthermore, devices made from textile fibres can be implanted to release therapeutic drugs at controlled rates and over controlled lengths of time. The report contains insight and analysis of a wide range of developments from companies, developers and other organisations involved in the sector, including: Abdul Barr and Al-Fakhouri Hani; Bard Peripheral Vascular; BASF; Bio Med Sciences (BMS); Centre de Coopération Technique et Pédagogique (CECOTEPE); Dale R Peterson; Deutschen Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung (DITF-German Institutes for Textile and Fibre Research); Ethicon; Med Institute; Quick-Med Technologies; Precision Fabrics; PSI Medica; Ronald Rakos and Krzysztof Sowinski; Tepha; Textronics; University of Delaware; and Zeus Industrial Products.

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Table of Contents

Stents, Grafts AND Stent Grafts
Stent grafts
Innovations in stents, grafts and stent grafts

Medical Balloons
Innovations in medical balloons

Absorbable Medical Textiles
Innovations in absorbable medical textiles

Textile Reinforcements For Sutures
Innovations in textile reinforcements for sutures

Medical Textiles FOR The Repair Of Hernias
Innovations in medical textiles for the repair of hernias

Medical Textiles For The Control Of Bleeding
Innovations in medical textiles for the control of bleeding

Medical Textiles For Preventing And Treating Skin Conditions
Innovations in medical textiles for preventing and treating skin conditions
Medical Textiles For The Treatment Of Scars
Innovations in medical textiles for the treatment of scars

Multifunctional Medical Textiles
Innovations in multifunctional textiles

Antimicrobial Medical Textiles
Innovations in antimicrobial treatments for medical textiles
Antimicrobial composites
Innovations in antimicrobial composites

Medical Textiles MADe From Silicon Fibres Which Deliver Drugs
Innovations in silicon fibres for use in medical textiles

Puncture-Resistant Surgical Gloves
Innovations in puncture-resistant surgical gloves

Diapers And Sanitary Towels
Innovations in diapers and sanitary towels

Methods For Sterilising Medical Textiles Using Ozone
Innovations in methods for sterilising medical textiles using ozone

Textile Electrodes For Monitoring A Patient's Vital Signs
Innovations in textile electrodes for monitoring a patient's vital signs

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