Men Using E Cigarettes Are More Likely to Be Responsible Sates talks about a report stating that men who use e cigarettes are more responsible as well as social.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- As per, recently a report published by IECMA shows that men using e cigarettes are more responsible. IECMA has spent three months on the survey in over 50 cities around the world, such as Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in America, London in Britain, Paris in France, Berlin in Germany, Moscow in Russia, Beijing and Shanghai in China. The research reveals that 82 percent of men using electronic cigarettes work hard, concentrated and caring, while only 54 percent of men smoking traditional cigarettes characterized with the similar features.

According to e cigarette reviews, compared to men smoking real cigarettes, men using electronic cigarettes are more responsible. The cigarettes actually have one ingredient which is pre liquid nicotine. An electric cigarette helps in saving money on dry cleaning as regular cigarette smell does not sticks on the clothes and mats. Also no tobacco yellow stained fingers and teeth are reported. “Men choose electronic cigarettes for health of individuals and families. E cigarette is much healthier than real cigarettes and don’t have the danger of second-hand smoke. It’s a basic symbol to judge responsibility that whether a man is responsible for himself and his family.” explains Hilly, researcher in charge of the survey.

Experts say that the market today is full of various e cigarette brands that can help the smokers to have a change. Few among the various brands are V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke and many more. Smokers can select one according to desire. One can even buy cartridges in minimal, medium and full strength which also comes in various flavors including regular, strawberry, apple, menthol and many more. Electric cigarettes are been widely used by smokers worldwide and carry a host of benefits when compared to real regular cigarettes. Electric cigarettes have become an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

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