Migrants Could Be Denied Required Healthcare if Government's Immigration Bill Becomes Law

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Chandigarh, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- According to Bishop Patrick Lynch, an auxiliary bishop in Southwark said that he felt that the victims of abuse, trafficking, and domestic violence could be denied the required health treatment and care if the Government’s bill becomes law.

Canada immigration Policy always keep on changing. Before they become law, government’s bills are always subjected to a lot of revision. The bill, that was debated in the House of Commons in the last week on January 2013 plans to limit migrant’s access to free NHS services. The bill also proposes that tenants must conduct checks on tenants’ immigration status.

Bishop, who is responsible for migration policy also warned that the bill might discourage helpless people from seeking help in the first instance. He said that the migrants who have been victim of abuses, domestic violence, female genital mutilation and human trafficking must not be prevented from getting medical help due to misidentification or delay in identification.

Bishop Patrick Lynch also laid stress that the victims should also not be denied of heath care. He told that it is vital to safeguard health of individuals who are a victim of horrifying abuses. Most of the times, these victims are reluctant to seek assistance.

Concerned more on the charging for NHS service, Bishop said that if the bill became law, it could mean pregnant women would try coping up alone with their pregnancies and called for children of migrants to be exempt from the legislation. His concerns were also supported by the Caritas Social Action Network, the social action arm of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Also, Chief executive Helen O’Brien said that the bill must include protection for children and migrants who are victims of abuse. She also warned that the proposals pertaining to tenancy may also prevent landlords from renting to migrants and increase homelessness.

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