Mixmelot Announces Its Latest Release of Android TV Box for Top-Notch Entertainment

Without any doubts, the world of entertainment is becoming more and more interesting through a wide variety of gadgets that are being released into the market today. Mixmelot, a leading gadget store, announces its latest release of Android TV box for top-notch home entertainment.

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Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Of course, one of the most sought-after TV accessories is the TV box which now helps to enhance the quality and connectivity of technological gadgets as far as home entertainment is concerned. Mixmelot now announces the latest release of its Android TV box for top-notch entertainment.

According to the Marketing Manager of Mixmelot, the TV box comes with a HDMI 1.3 Digital Video-Audio output that connects with the HDMI input of a TV or a TV phone to make the television become multi-functional. In simple terms, the television would become a platform for Internet browsing and gaming activities; it would also serve as a media player, a photo viewer, and an online video TV. In other words, the TV becomes the display medium for all activities being done via the device.

"Inarguably," the Manager states in a recent report, "Android is the OS of the day. The TV box works with Android 4.1 and it provides support for Google Chrome, mouse, and keyboard. It comes with a graphic processor that offers excellent gaming capability that is 3D in nature. Because of its support for wireless network access, the device is also called Wi-Fi TV box"

It's also reported that the DDR3 RAM of the device makes it possible to run many tasks at a time, be it gaming, Internet surfing, e-book reading and any other apps on the PC, TV phone, tablet or smartphone connected to the television via the device. "Users can enjoy online videos or games because the Android TV box supports HTML5 and Adobe Flash," the Marketing Manager reveals.

Today, Mixmelot offers the Android TV box at a wholesale price on its store. "At our storefront, customers can find the best deal on the W-Fi TV box as all purchases come with great discounts," the Manager confirms. He adds further that dropshippers should take an advantage of the discounted offers so as to maximize their profit margin.

For more information on the Android TV box being offered at the storefront of Mixmelot, go here: http://www.mixmelot.com