Mixmelot Storms the International Market with High-Quality Wholesale Phones from China

Without any controversy, the China mobile phone industry is the fastest growing niche as various cellular versions are being introduced into market from time to time. Mixmelot now storms the international market with high-quality wholesale phones from China.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- As far as mobile communication is concerned, China is already the leading manufacturing economy as it has turned to be a place where different kinds of phones are made, tested and used. Being the world's electronic factory, traditional phone sets as well as smartphones can be found on the Chinese market. Now, Mixmelot, a China wholesale supplier storms the international market with high-quality wholesale phones.

According to a recent report from the Management of Mixmelot, most of the top quality Android phones and Apple phones are produced in China. "It's therefore a wrong notion that the Chinese manufacturing technology is poor in standard. If you would take a sampling of the local markets in most countries of the world, you would see the inscription 'Made in China' on most goods and gadgets," the Marketing Manager confirms.

Today, shoppers can find China mobile phones at very cheap prices without any compromise on quality. Mixmelot, being one of the leading sources for good and reliable products, offers the best of branded Chinese phones. The Marketing Manager reveals, saying, "Our products are very cheap because they come directly from the assembly lines of licensed manufacturers."

Clarifying the reason why most China mobile phones are extremely cheap, he states that apart from low labor cost and low production cost, most manufacturers believe in high turnover as a way to gain more, rather than to sell at high prices and sell less quantity. "At Mixmelot, we bridge the gap between the manufacturers and end-users/retailers."

For more details on the high-quality wholesale phones from China as being offered by Mixmelot, go to http://www.mixmelot.com