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Mobile Gaming Piracy: Market Analysis, Initiatives and Solutions Report Available from

The price of this report is $995. This 66 pages report covers global geography including USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, India, China, Japan, Australia, Emerging Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Africa.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- With mobile gaming taking on an increasingly more prominent role among gamers, and representing an increasingly important source of revenue for game developers, the issue of mobile gaming privacy has become a very hot topic. Pirated games are by definition those games that have stolen intellectual property in the form of a look-alike game, core design, engineering, or even actual software.

Billions of dollars are at stake to the rightful owners of mobile game offerings. Furthermore, a single successful piracy can create a manifold effect from the gamer's perspective as their as their mobile/wireless device may be compromised and/or their private data may be leaked, including bank account & credit card information.

This research evaluates the mobile security ecosystem as it pertains to piracy, mobile gaming vulnerability patterns/behaviors, piracy incidents case studies by platform, vendor solutions, country specific gaming market & security issues, business impact of piracy, and strategies to protect security and reduce piracy threats.

Target Audience:

1. Mobile network operators
2. In-app virtual currency providers
3. Social and location game providers
4. Government and regulatory institutions
5. Mobile game developers and publishers
6. Mobile network infrastructure providers
7. Mobile anti-virus and security software providers
8. Content and application mediators and aggregators

Report Coverage :

1. Mobile gaming ecosystem & role of market player
2. Mobile gaming security & piracy ecosystem analysis
3. Cyber criminal in the mobile gaming ecosystem
4. Pirated mobile gaming market overview
5. Smartphone: pioneering the mobile gaming industry
6. Mobile gaming security & piracy incident and business impact analysis
7. User perspective analysis
8. Legislation by country to manage mobile gaming security & piracy
9. Mobile gaming company/solutions for mobile gaming security & piracy
10.Mobile gaming security & piracy case analysis
11.Conclusions & recommendations

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