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Affordable internet-enabled devices and falling data tariffs driving mobile internet market in India.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Mobile internet has transformed the way we look for and manage data. Thanks to smartphones, feature phones, tablets and mobile broadband modems, today we can use data services for emailing, surfing, sharing, apps, file transfer and streaming on the go. The mobile internet market thus grows concurrently to telecom industry and maybe even faster. The latest research report from delves deep into the industry with its latest report named 'Mobile Internet Market in India 2012, which is a part of the Telecommunication Series of reports by the knowledge consulting solutions company.

The introduction of the report consists of a brief overview of mobile internet market which provides basic idea of the technology, the evolution and the study of the mobile internet delivery technologies.

The 'Mobile Internet Market Overview' section emphasizes on global and domestic market sizes and potential of mobile data services. Global overview features various qualitative and statistical information including mobile broadband subscription, region-wise split of the same, top countries in terms of mobile internet adoption and other data. India overview segment is accompanied by information such as wireless data subscriber base, market valuation, quarterly subscriber base, service provider-wise subscriber base and other similar information.

The 'Drivers and Challenges' section elaborates the major boosts and impediments for mobile internet adoption in India. The drivers and challenges are highlighted to provide a clear understanding of probable roadblocks and rewards in the mobile internet industry. The report provides vendors actionable data that helps them strategize better.

The 'Mobile Internet Players' section of the report profiles companies in the mobile internet domain. It reveals information such as corporate and business highlights covering operational. Recent information such as updated contact lists, location, key product and service offerings are provided. The report also lists financial performance for a period of time including revenue and profit, key ratios, financial summary and key financial performance indicators. Key business segment and key geographic segment for each player are provided as well to provide further insight regarding the players and the mobile internet market.

The report moves ahead with the 'Market Opportunities' section where relevant areas for mobile internet are elaborated. Each of the opportunity areas are accompanied by statistical data for concise analysis. The section also includes a SWOT Analysis of the market.

Next, the Market Trends' section enlists recent developments and analyses trends in the industry.

Following this, the 'Strategic Recommendation' section provides a comprehensive analysis of the market and its scope. It also suggests key strategic moves which can help enhance and accelerate adoption of STB in India.

The report concludes with 'Consumer Insights' where mobile internet usage and preference trends have been captured by the means of a primary survey. The survey was conducted amongst a small group of people belonging to home users, gamers, technology and other professionals via social media websites and technology forums.

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