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ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com is here to give reviews on most flavors of e cigarette available without nicotine! Flavors are considered the most important part of smokeless cigarettes without nicotine.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Electronic cigs due to the real smoking journey are known to be the top alternative to tobacco smoking. Even, some people appreciate electronic cigarette as the product helps them in quitting smoking habits. However, it is nicotine content that raise question for the safety of electronic cigarettes. Nicotine too is an addicted product and making e-cigs users also addicted towards it. There are chances that adult and teenagers who are new to world of electronic cigs can also get addicted of electronic products.

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Researches show that nicotine is harmful for the health of humans so brands are new introducing e-cigs without nicotine. Now, without nicotine electronic cigarettes are available in different new and exclusive flavors. It has been found that regularly the number of takers for electronic cigarettes without nicotine is boosting.

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According to a spokesperson of Electronic Cigarettes Comparison, “companies like South Beach Smoke, Ever Smoke and V2cigs are well known in without nicotine products. Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate, tobacco gold, menthol, tobacco classic, tobacco blue, Peach, Pine Colada and Peppermint flavors can be enjoyed with smokeless cigarettes. Now, electronic cigarettes have planned a huge range of nicotine strength which begins from 0% to 1.8%. If you select 0% nicotine strength, the product will be free nicotine. Thus, smoking will be safer option for e-cigs without nicotine.”

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Smokeless cigarettes gained regard as they are free from traditional harmful tobacco and contains different carcinogenic elements. The main problem associated with tobacco cigarettes is second hand smoke that also affect the non smokers especially kids and older people. The vapor cigarette is more apprising and publicly acceptable as no smoke only vapors are here. However, health professional’s starts talking about the safety of e-cigs as the e-liquid normally possess nicotine.

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