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My Snoring Solution Review and the Science Behind the Snoring Chin Strap

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Birkirkara, Malta -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Snoring is not simply a condition that can be annoying to the partner of the snorer, or in some cases, anyone within a mile radius of the snorer during the night. It can be the precursor to more serious conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. There are some invasive methods to treat this condition, including surgery. Many people are seeking alternative methods that are less invasive and more practical.

One of the most popular solutions to snoring is "My Snoring Solution". This review will take an in-depth look at the effectiveness of this snoring chin strap - a device that is designed to support the lower jaw bone for the purpose of reducing or eliminating snoring. Is My Snoring Solution simply another in a long line of snoring remedies that promise great results but deliver nothing, or is it a legitimate tool to help ease the impact of snoring for those who suffer with the condition and their loved ones? This My Snoring Solution review will attempt to answer this question.

The Cause

In order to gauge whether this product is effective, one needs to have at least a limited understanding of what causes snoring. Snoring sounds are usually the result of the opening of the jawbone and the relaxation of the muscles at the back of the mouth as a subject falls into a deeper state of sleep. The deeper a person sleeps, the more relaxed these muscles become. When the jawbone opens it allows the tongue to fall to the back of the mouth. This obstructs the natural airways – resulting in what is known as obstructive sleep apnea, also known as OSA. This limits the breathing ability and creates a sound as the air fights to move past the obstruction.

The vibrations that are created during this process can be quite severe. As a general rule, the louder the snoring, the more significant the health concerns. Studies have revealed that most people begin sleeping with their mouth open around the age of five. There are instances in which it can occur earlier, but age five is about normal.

Over time muscle tissues in the jaw and mouth areas can be stretched beyond their natural range, introducing health risks that are associated with OSA.

Snoring One's Self to Death

Snoring is in reality more than an annoyance; it is a sleeping disorder that is directly associated with OSA, which can be life threatening. Reports of people dying from OSA are far from uncommon. Even when OSA does not lead to death, it can become a major contributor to sleep deprivation as a person fights to breathe throughout the night.

How it Works

The simple premise behind the My Snoring Solution chin strap is that it provides the support necessary to keep the jaw from opening while the subject is sleeping. This prevents the tongue from moving into a position that will obstruct the airway. This simple dynamic of keeping the jawbone in an upward position also increases the three-dimensional airway – reducing the air velocity and subsequently the soft-tissue vibrations caused by it. In theory, this process can eliminate or, at the very least, significantly reduce snoring.

The Science Behind it All

The theory behind My Snoring Solution and its ability to prevent snoring sounds is great, but for theory to move into the realm of truth there must be some research and studies that prove its hypothetical proposition. There is now consistent research available that confirms that when an effective jaw supporting device is worn during sleep in a manner that keeps the jawbone in an upward position, it increases the volumetric capacity of the airway – preventing those soft tissue vibrations. In simple, by increasing the volumetric capacity in the airway and reducing the soft-tissue vibrations, snoring can be completely eliminated in many cases and significantly reduced in others.

This scientific information is vitally important in dealing with the more significant issues associated with snoring. The fact that the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter has the ability to stop snoring or at least reduce it, has massive ramifications in the endeavour to address OSA. This serious condition should be at the heart of the matter. The peace and quiet provided for others through this snoring solution is an exceptional benefit, but it is not the most important one. The sleep apnea that is associated with snoring is a serious health risk. By eliminating or reducing snoring, sufferers are also eliminating or reducing the impact of OSA on their overall health. This means that they will not have to struggle to breathe or suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Most importantly the risk of death is virtually eliminated.

Using the CPR Model

My Snoring Solution was designed using CPR as a model. When performing CPR, the head and jaw are positioned in a way that ensures that the air passage is not obstructed. The airway must be clear for air to flow freely as it is intended to do. This particular snoring chin strap has been tested and proven to provide this relief. All in all this device has the potential to eliminate the need for a painful and expensive snoring surgery.

Is this a snoring cure? From a technical perspective the answer would have to be no. From a scientific and medical perspective a cure would entail some permanent physiological change that does not require the external support of any device. So, this device cannot be considered a cure, but it is a preventative measure that effectively addresses the causes of snoring. Having said this, it still remains a popular snoring remedy and one of the top anti-snoring devices on the market. For those who have been wondering how to stop snoring, the answer may just be in this simplistic device.

A Great Night Sleep

Finally, this chin strap helps numerous snorers to have a good night’s sleep. Research suggests that this jaw supporter may help in providing healthy rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep is defined as the lightest stage of sleep and it is vital to the body’s ability to replenish and heal itself. Snoring is one of the primary culprits in interfering with REM sleep. My Snoring Solution allows many men and women alike to address their snoring issues, while improving their overall quality of sleep.


As data was being collected for this My Snoring Solution review, it became increasingly evident that snoring is a condition that is significantly more serious than most people are aware of. This snoring chin strap provides a safe alternative to surgery that is also highly effective in the majority of cases.

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