Nilsa Rivera, Ph. D., P. A.

Naples Psychologist, Nilsa Rivera, Ph. D., P. A., Provides Marriage Counseling Solutions for Couples

Dr. Nilsa Rivera, Ph. D., PA, ( ) provides a range of counseling and psychological testing services to local clients. Spanish-speaking patients are invited to set up a consultation schedule where marriage counseling is desirable.

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Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Nilsa Rivers, Ph. D., P. A., Naples psychologist, is pleased to announce that counseling services are available for couples in a marriage relationship. The counseling format for couples is also suitable for long term relationships. At times any relationship can hit a rough patch and need some outside support for working through issues in a neutral environment. Learning effective communications techniques is a tactic that will help couples improve their interaction.

Dr. Nilsa Rivers, Naples psychologist, described her mission to an interviewer recently, "I work with couples to help them choose and learn about the tools that are suitable for improving the relationship and if necessary to completely rebuild it. Not all couples are willing to put in the work and sometimes pain that goes along with relationship repair. I offer a no-fault zone that allows open communication when couples need a trained and experienced guide through the process."

She explains, "When there are issues of infidelity, anger or other problems, I can provide the guidance to communicate about the feelings involved. I don't provide solutions, I just provide the tools to help clients come to their own solutions safely. I don't take sides, since most arguments and couple battles have more than one viewpoint involved."

Even if both people are willing to work on a relationship, it still takes time and effort to rebuild. A marriage counselor has the training to help couples turn back toward a healthier relationship. Working with a counselor doesn't magically change the relationship. It requires the willingness to compromise and sometimes to continue to disagree about some issues. The counselor strives to assist in a balanced perspective of ongoing issues so that the relationship can heal.

Learn more about marriage counseling services by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the services provided by Dr. Rivera are encouraged to access the contact information which follows.

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