New Electric Cigarette Lounge at Wichita for Vapers Reports

A new Electric cigarette lounge will be opening in the city of Wichita for vapers.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- One of the e smokers has decided to open an electric cigarette lounge in New Wichita, the largest city in Kansas of United States according to the Census Bureau in 2011. The recently turned e smoker, Eldon Simmons is planning to set up an electronic cigarette lounge at 946 S. Rock Road. Simmons along with business partner Knucklehead Leather co-owner Sherri Meyer will open an 830 square feet lounge situated south of Lincoln on the east side of Rock Road.

The name of the electric cigarette lounge will be Big E’s Vapor Room. Simmons got this idea of opening a vapor lounge after switching to these e cigarettes. Simmons got this idea of opening the lounge after switching to electronic cigarettes as an alternative for traditional cigarettes. Simmons says, “My fiancé has been on my butt to quit smoking.”

Based on customer’s reviews on electronic cigarette, Simmons decided to make a switch. Eldon further introduce this device to one of a friend who says “So far, it’s a 100 percent success ratio. It’s amazing is what it is.” After trying on to different best electronic cigarette brand, all the business partners decided to incorporate 300 flavors comprising of different and best electronic cigarette brand.

The lounge also offers coffee, soft drinks, Wi-Fi and TV to the e smokers and also provides them with reviews on different e cigarette brand. Simmons also says, “E cigarette reviews will help the smoker to choose their flavors and will also guide them about what are electronic cigarette made of?”

Experts from the top electronic cigarette review website,, appreciate this step of Eldon Simmons and wishes Big E’s Vapor Room success. Experts believe that more such electric cigarette lounge should be opened in order to help the smokers to switch.

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