New Fashion Company Launches Kickstarter Support for Pot Legalization


Arlington, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- When it comes to the legalization of Marijuana, supporters may be found coming from all walks of life. At marches or rallies, supporters will usually be spotted wearing the pot leaf on a T-shirt or be decked out in Rasta colors. A new fashion designer, fresh out of Washington, DC, is looking to change the fashion image of the legalization movement by making them a clothing line that offers something much more stylish, organized and discrete. The clothing line, Dagga Wear, has launched a Kickstarter campaign, seeking angel investors to spread the word about Dagga Wear with stickers and t-shirts for those proud to live the lifestyle, and to raise enough capital to fill a bulk T-shirt order allowing them to sell high quality shirts at a fair price.

Dagga Wear has at least two designs available for shirts of various colors for two already developed distinctive lines - the Four Twenty and the Two-Oh-Two. The 420 line logo is subtle enough that those not familiar with the slogan won't recognize it, and those who are will know where the wearer stands. Especially for those who still live in states under prohibition where showing support can often become a challenge.

The clothing line takes its name from the noun 'Dagga', which is defined as a bud, tree, or green grass. Those who help invest in the clothing line, which has plans to expand to accessories such as hats, hoodies, beanies, shoes, socks, etc., will receive their very own Dagga Wear black/white logo 420 stickers and/or the limited edition teal blue t-shirts in both men's & women's sizes with the 420 | 202 logo. They have established a local supplier in the Washington, DC area that has worked with them extensively on this project to help create a product that they love and are confident supporters will, too.

As with any campaign of this nature, Dagga Wear understands all supporters may not be able to give financially and will appreciate the support of those who help them go viral by spreading the word via social networking.

For more information, visit DAGGA WEAR - Clothing for the Cannabis Lifestyle.

Dagga Wear
Hessee, LLC
Arlington, VA 22202

Contact: Hessee Meira-Penna
Title: Managing Partner