New Forex Signal Concept by iFexx

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Geneva, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- When we started iFexx Forex Signals on January this year, we offered a new concept for Forex trading. Our goal is always to help traders become profitable and in this journey our team delivered over 12,000 pips of profit to 430 active members. Within almost one year of service, we learnt from our experiences and your feedback, and we will do everything in our power to improve iFexx services on regular basis to suites your needs.

There were always few concerns for our members, which sometimes could cost them losing an opportunity, we identified them and here we offer solutions;

- Signals with market order format

In liquid and volatile market like American open, prices are changing in a matter of seconds, thus it was always difficult for traders to enter a trade with accurate entry point.

- Solution:

We changed our entry concept to Limit Order format that means you no longer need to sit tight in front of your platform to execute the trade instantly. Every day we sent you signals with entry limit, stop and target prices. This concept gives you few hours of time to set your trades.

- Consolidation period:

iFexx strategy (Merx) is a trend capture strategy, thus in consolidation period the results are poor. With one target we experienced many cases after hitting the target, price moved hundreds of pips in the same direction when there was a trending market.

- Solution:

We understand the benefit of double target strategy but it was always difficult to implement the exit method, while we always wanted to simply your trades. Now we came with a solution to have 2 targets to extend your profit in trending markets. Both targets are set at the time of entry.

The new Merx strategy with 2 extended targets generated almost double than Merx single target style, the reason is a great risk/reward profile. Our target 2 on average delivered 400 pips of profit, while an extended target enables us to stay in the trade to capture a long trends and avoiding consolidation periods.

The Merx strategy with 2 targets is available at 3 different subscription plans with FREE 14 DAY TRIAL. Not many Forex Signal providers offer free membership, but iFexx is a client-bases service company, which has grown by your support and contributions. We decided to offer this period to all new members, and If you were a subscribed in a past and you not currently a member, you are entitled to 1 month free standard membership if you email us back for your account activation.

Beside all these great futures we are very excited to announce that our technical team lunched our daily Forex News room. In this section our traders will post their technical and fundamental views on currency market. There would be trading opportunities and free Forex signals to be released on daily basis.

In the next article I will teach you how to trade these new signals. Click Here to read