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New Investing Book Details Strategies for a Secure Financial Future Anyone Can Use

"Investing for the Rest of Us" is a new publication offering investing strategies and model portfolios for all investors.

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La Canada Flintridge, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- "Investing for the Rest of Us" presents a sound practical blueprint, time-tested model portfolios, and techniques to help individual investors make the most of their investments. The book provides guidance, direction, and strategies which are easily implemented by all investors, from lifelong investors to those with no prior experience.

The book, which is now available on Amazon, is an investing guide for people who might not have the time, the inclination, or the skills to closely monitor their investment portfolios. It shows that most people would be much better off selecting a passive investing strategy rather than making frequent modifications to their portfolio.

The idea of building wealth through investing appeals to everyone, but most people aren't interested enough to spend hours every day monitoring the current financial information necessary to make good investing decisions. While people strive to ensure that their money is invested well, many individual investors continue to under perform the stock market. This book offers practical and straightforward investing methods, and doesn't require the reader to have any financial acumen.

The book presents investing strategies and actual portfolios which have been shown to outperform 80% of professional mutual fund managers. These model portfolios can be easily implemented by nearly every investor today.

"I have met many people who were confused and overwhelmed by the idea of investing in the stock market," author David L. Wright said. "I wrote this book to help people gain a general understanding of how to easily invest their money and avoid unnecessary fees," he emphasized.

By following the strategies outlined in this book, readers will be able to quickly and easily manage their portfolio - and spend as little as an hour or so once a year monitoring it. In addition, Wright shows the most likely reasons why many individual investors under perform the stock market, and how common mistakes can be avoided.

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"Investing for the Rest of Us" is published by Koratious Press and is available in both paperback and digital formats on Amazon.