New Marijuana Community Brings Seattle's Buyers & Sellers Together

Janeslist.org is a free and open marketplace that provides a common ground for Seattle's marijuana related shops


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- With the change in Seattle's laws allowing the use of medicinal marijuana came a wave of dispensaries selling marijuana and marijuana products including edible foods and oils or other THC concentrates. The current changes to law are bringing in a wave of retail outlets selling marijuana to those who don't have, and now don't need, a prescription. With the head shops, glass blowers, dispensaries, and holistic medical centers, we welcome a new company that ties them all together, Janeslist.org.

Janeslist.org is a free and open marketplace that provides a common ground for Seattle's marijuana related shops and service providers to connect with users across the community in one easy to use interface. Likened to the popular Craigslist and as simple in functionality, users can peruse the ads on Janeslist including marijuana and its related products, jobs in the marijuana industry, medicinal services, and a whole slew of community features, all free of charge. Users can also offer their own products and services at no charge to the user.

"We hope to bring the new era of consumers and providers together in a place where marijuana products are not only allowed, but celebrated. Changes to Marijuana laws have brought forth a whole new industry that far outreaches its traditional medicinal use and consumption. It's helping Seattle's small business owners realize their dreams in a wide array of business opportunities and we are thrilled to make those dreams easier to realize," says one Janeslist representative.

Some features we noticed after our time on Janeslist:

- Looks: The site looks great. Many of the new marijuana sites popping up have a substandard look and feel. This is not the case with Janeslist; the site is clean, simple in construction, and looks like the developers took their time in planning and execution.

- Security: When looking at an ad, there is no identifying information about the poster. This will prevent possible spamming of the poster's email or phone and, even though laws are swaying in the direction of somewhat full legality, this provides users still having some reservations further incentive. Janeslist has no shopping cart so there are no problems with payment info. Their Privacy policy makes sense and is easy to understand.

- Usability: Doesn't get much easier. Want to buy? Click down through the categories listed right on the homepage and contact the seller. Want to sell? Click the "Post and ad" button and fill out the short form. It's that simple. The "My Account" section is easy as well allowing sellers to edit current listings, cancel or re-list ads, and see stats on ad views so they know which ads are working.

- All in all this seems to be a great site providing a unique service to Seattleā€™s marijuana community. The developers assured us that there are lots of features to come and we honestly can't wait to what those are.

While Janeslist.org has development under way for multiple cities in Washington and Colorado, Seattle is lucky to be the location for their beta testing and is now live. The site is fully functional, free of charge, and is already sporting an array of ads in multiple categories.

Media Contact :

Nathan Jones, Owner
209 Bliss Ave, Louisville, KY, 40243
Email : nathan@janeslist.org