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New Medical Marijuana Cookbooks Now Available in Amazon Store


Saskatchewan, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- New medical marijuana cookbooks are recently released in the market and now available in the market. The cookbooks contain new recipes and come in two sets.

Marijuana cookbooks are of great help for people who wish to prepare desserts and appetizers with cannabis ingredient. In some states where growing and purchasing marijuana is legal, there are edibles that are also sold and marijuana is being purchased by patients for medical and recreation purposes. Those who prefer preparing desserts and appetizers with cannabis ingredients could benefit from these new marijuana cookbooks.

The first set of book is the appetizer edition. It makes cooking with medical marijuana easy with its recipes and comprehensive description of cannabis and how they are prepared. The book teaches readers how to prepare and cook appetizers from cannabis. It also contains the right dosage to be used for each person where these appetizers are made for. Reading the entire section of the book is very recommendable to know the right dosage and safety of preparing each of the marijuana recipes included in the cookbook. Readers can prepare cannabis appetizers and desserts with the right dosage just like how professionals do.

The second book which is the dessert edition contains new recipes on marijuana desserts. It also discusses the right dosage to be used in preparing desserts from cannabis. All of recipes included in the book are made with cannamilk, THC infused oil or cannabutter.

Don E. Rainwater, one of its users, claimed that “These are some of the best recipes for marijuana appetizers I have found. The directions are clear, concise, and actually fun to read. I would buy from this author again.”

The Marijuana cookbooks are authored by Jerry Martin of Martin and Strauss Medical Services. They are made to provide people with medically tested and unique marijuana recipes that can satisfy every marijuana users’ taste. The books contain the best recipes for marijuana appetizers and desserts with clear and concise instruction for cooking. The books are also fun to read. They are written with good illustrations and are now available in kindle edition. The books are available in English language. Martin & Strauss Medical Services is located at Whitewood, S.K., Canada.

To know more about the Marijuana cookbooks, visit Amazon at and For inquiries, contact Martin and Strauss Medical Services at 306-735-7537

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