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New Micro-Budget Film, The Longest Night, "Absurd Not to Make"

Low-budget indie feature The Longest Night seeks crowd-funding support.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- The Longest Night, the first feature by Derek Wibben and Lauren Johnson, is a, filmyears in the making. Set against the economic uncertainties of 2009/2010, it has an extremely economic production plan to keep costs low. The Longest Night Follows a group of six post-grad millennials struggling to make it in Los Angeles. January 1st—the night after a failed New Year's, desperate to cleanse themselves of their 2009 graduation into The Great Recession—this group of three guys, three girls, attempts to jumpstart their lives and take control at a time when it may be impossible to seize it: The Quarter-life Crisis.

Budget-conscious and austere, this single-night, single-location story was designed to be "absurd not to make," aspiring to a budget at the lowest possible number without compromising artistic quality. The cast is small, employing age-appropriate millennials, who will lend a genuine sense of realism, under the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement. The film is performance-based, forgoing special effect for special affect—with an emphasis on character. Aided by careful casting, work-shopping the screenplay, and highly collaborative rehearsals.

By setting The Longest Night specifically at a crewmember’s apartment, with minimal exteriors, the filmmakers eliminated location permit fees, as well as company moves that might slow down production. They plan to use primarily available light, capturing the naturalistic shooting style called for by the story, limiting equipment rental costs, and lighting set-ups to keep the ambitious pace demanded by the 10-day shoot schedule. Because of this, they have also chosen to use the Arri Alexa, a digital cinema camera that particularly excels in low light. It will achieve a filmic look without the cost of film, hitting that sweet spot between austerity and quality, allowing for an impactful, meaningful film at a svelte $40,000 budget.

The Longest Night is currently seeking investors. For more information please contact Lauren Johnson at

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