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New Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Released for Download

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Presenting the new version of Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool for download by the reputed supplier of PST recovery tool, IRSTD. The newly released tool incorporates many additional features apart from just repairing personal folder file and recovering all the inaccessible data. PST(Personal Storage Table) file is the central repository of MS Outlook. All the data and items of Outlook are saved in this particular file. Once this file gets corrupted then all the data becomes inaccessible. Outlook is used for both home and business purpose. So it becomes very important to retrieve all the lost data from the damaged PST file to prevent any kind of financial loss.

Users can either go for inbuilt utility i.e. ScanPST.exe tool or the newly released third party Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool for download. Third party automatic tool is way ahead and superior than the inbuilt utility ScanPST.exe tool. Automatic tool has no such limitations as like inbuilt utility. It can be used to repair the file with over 2 GB in size and also supports PST file with different kinds of encoding like ASCII and Unicode. The new software is not limited to the recovery of emails but can also be used to recover lost or corrupted notes, journals, contacts, calendars, attachments, etc.

ScanPST.exe tool is limited to repairing of PST file with low level of corruption and small in size. Other than that, it can be used in mounting of any file to PST format. The scope of this tool ends here. But this is not the case with third party tool. The third party automatic tool can be further utilized to split PST file. It can be used for selective recovery and also for recovery of data from password protected corrupt personal folder file. Automatic tool has always helped Outlook users to get their lost data recovered from corrupt PST in a manner far better than ScanPST.exe tool. The newly launched version provides the same features with more sophisticated algorithm and with no brain teasing approach.

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About Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Download
Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Download is supplied by IRSTD which is used to repair very large and severely corrupt PST file. It uses highly sophisticated algorithm to recover all the lost data from damaged personal folder file.