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New PUA Training Company Enters the Market

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Authentic PUA is a {PUA Training} company which teaches men how to meet and attract women.

The teaching is based on simple, easy to learn yet powerful principles, without complicated gimmicky tactics and techniques. This is achieved by the depth of knowledge and experience of the CEO and head trainer, Steve Jabba, who has distilled 20 years of real world experience into a simple, easy to learn yet extremely effective syllabus.

The emphasis is on teaching improvement in 3 key areas which are transferable to meeting women in any face to face environment, or even on the internet:

(i) Mindset and belief systems

This involves steering the student down the path of learning universally attractive masculine characteristics, and growing in his own intrinsic worth as a man. This includes but is not limited to:

- Gaining a strong identity (assertiveness, strong and well defined standards and boundaries, happy in his own skin, high self esteem).

- Taking on healthy and empowering belief systems by leveraging reference experiences to grow as a man, becoming more attractive over time as he "grows into his power".

- Realising his own intrinsic value as a man and gaining a feeling of entitlement and worthiness.

- Shattering myths: realising he does not have to perform miraculous "game" feats to get girls.

- Gaining an appreciation and love for women, coupled with not putting her on a pedestal or being a pushover.

- Expressing sexual interest in a clear unambiguous but respectful way.

- Learning Dominance and leading.

- Having High Integrity.

- Being honest.

Authentic PUA teaches these attractive masculine traits in a clear and specific way. The student also picks it up almost by osmosis, by gaining a glimpse into the mindset of the CEO and head trainer Steve Jabba, who lives by this code himself and is a living breathing example of its power.

(ii) "Game" techniques

Specific "game" related techniques which increase the students confidence in the "how to" or execution part of meeting and attracting women. For example:

Techniques for reducing nerves prior to approaching a girl you've never met.

Living in the moment, not over thinking the approach.

How to spot and force interest from the girl.

How to create attraction spikes from the girl.

How to sexually escalate from approach to kiss and further.

(iii) Calibrating to the environment

How to initiate a conversation smoothly in any environment.

How to capture her attention in different environments with different energy levels.

How to have a successful first date every time.

Insights into rejection : What it really is, how to deal with it, how to stop it from preventing you talking to her.

Real Student Feedback:

Student feedback gives testimony to the eye opening, potentially life changing impact of experiencing training with an experienced {PUA} like Steve Jabba, which empowers the student and illumines their development over the coming weeks, months and years.

"Opened up a new world of possibility... made me realise that pick up is just another normal part of life rather some weird trickery that you have to get a black belt in!"

" Steve's style and approach to life is unlike any i've seen and after spending the day with him i've been set on a path I believe will change my life.... Steve Jabba will open your eyes to a world you did not know was there."

"I took the Blue Pill... No games, nonsense and pretending required."

"Getting girls the easy way... After perusing Steve's website, I went on a date last night armed with what I had learned AND HAD THE MOST AMAZING FIRST DATE EVER, IT WAS INCREDIBLE....I can see such simple value in what Steve teaches. I didn't know it could be this easy or natural... It's amazing how we only become open to ideas when someone else says they can be true."

"This is the way it's meant to be done. I did a bootcamp with another PUA company before and felt that although I was given a lot of information and learned some good 'techniques', it never felt like it was me, it was more like an act....But Steve will teach you what really attracts a woman, without the need for any tricks and routines. When I approached girls in this way, feeling completely congruent with my words and behaviour it was almost effortless... no awkwardness, no trying to remember lines... and I was getting phone numbers within 2 minutes of meeting a girl"

Student reviews can be found at - http://makeshiftalpha.com/

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