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New Scanpst.exe 2007 Tool Supports Mounting of PST File

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Scanpst.exe 2007 tool in new MS Outlook application has been developed with more advance algorithm to repair the corrupt PST file and make other file with .pst extension mountable so that Outlook can read it. The launch of the application and tool was already announced by Microsoft. The older version of this software was not effective in repairing the damage of corrupt personal folder file. It would be interesting to see what kind of response does this new improved utility gets from the Outlook users. The tool is upgraded with better scan and recovery algorithm to get back lost data from PST(Personal Storage Table).

Outlook as all know is the leading application used as email client and personal information manager all over the globe. All its advanced versions includes added features and new improvements in the previous features. It is known fact that every launch of new version will also contain some new kinds of glitches which will require an upgraded utility to fix those new bugs. The launch of new tool and the ineffectiveness of the previous versions has made the company to bring scanpst.exe 2007 with some new advancement. Some of the previous issues which is expected to be overcome in the new tool are mentioned below:
-> Can't repair large personal folder file.
-> Can't repair intensely corrupt PST file.
-> Checks the header of the data structure, if didn't understood then the whole section was removed.
-> Ineffective in many other kind of corruption issues.

However, if Outlook user still don't find better answer in this new inbuilt utility then the option for third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool is always open. Third party automatic tool is alternative choice for inbuilt MS Outlook 2007 scanpst.exe tool. It has been a reliable tool for repairing damaged PST file and recovering whole data from it. It has no such limitations as like inbox repair tool but due to availability of inbuilt utility in the application itself, the alternative tool is always preferred as second option. Though the previous versions of inbuilt utility could fix only low level of corruption but hopes are still on with the launch of its upgraded version.

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About ScanPST.exe 2007
ScanPST.exe 2007 provides an alternative tool for repairing the damaged PST and restoring complete data stored in it. The tool can also be used to split PST file.