New Survey on Clinical Effects of E Cigs Carried out Reports

The online survey report on the health effects of e cigs reveals new facts

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Though e cigs have earned identification across the globe for introducing the most advanced technology into their products, yet some concepts in regards to health effects are left unknown. Hence, recently a survey was carried out by a research team led by Dr Farsalinos. The survey was conducted concerning a patient suffering from chronic idiopathic neutrophilia.

The patient on whom the survey was carried out was a smoker who gave up smoking after using electronic cigarettes. The report says nothing about the effects of smokeless cigarettes on health. Hence, it was concluded that the research on the potential efficacy and health consequences of e cigs as a tobacco harm reduction should be escalated.

Based on the survey report put forward by the research team, experts of analyzed that the consumption of smokeless cigarettes can help reduce the habit of smoking to a great extent. Reviews conclude that it has been several years that users have toggled towards electronic cigarettes without taking into consideration the effects of it. According to the experts, e cigarette users should opt for the best brands of e cigs that has got excellent reviews in the market.

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