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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- The latest electronic cigarette ad that has been called a real wakeup call as it incorporates the tagline, "Friends Don't Let Friends Smoke." This latest marketing campaign, which includes a TV ad commercial, has on offer e cigarettes that are a more comfortable and better alternative to traditional smoking. Yet many have accused the marketing trends by the e cig manufacturer as being glamorizing the practice of vaping or tapping and even of making smoking seem seemingly acceptable to minors with the use of celebrity spokespeople, like Stephen Dorf and TV personality Jenny McCarthy to promote their products.

But the latest electronic cigarette ad in question depicts friends helping friends with acts like by carrying a couch up a flight of stairs, delivering a best man speech at a wedding and replacing a traditional cigarette with the electronic version. It then suggests that friends should not smoke but rather use electric cigarette products and the ad ends by declaring that "Cigarettes, you've met your match." Yet in the current state where the e cigarette marketers have wide latitude on TV advertising and they cannot make any health claims about their products.

Yet many see that this ad is very close to making those claims as it is seen as offering electronic cigarette products as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes without specifically saying why friends don't and shouldn’t let friends smoke. Yet the manufacturer has categorically said that "We do not advertise the e cig as a smoking cessation device, however, we are appealing to the friends & loved ones of smokers.” This is not the first time that e cigarette ads have created concern as in December 2012 a television spot where a man pulls on a smoking device before exhaling a thick cloud of vapor drew attention from some anti-smoking groups, which complained that it was glamorizing the act of smoking.

Yet many electronic cigarette makers have looked to the winter as the ideal time to advertise on the perception that smokers aim to stop the habit as a New Year's resolution and that they won't want to go outside to smoke in the cold weather. The main stumbling block is that the Food and Drug Administration, however, has not approved smokeless cigarette products as viable smoking cessation products.

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