New York City Signs Indoor E Cig Ban Reviews

Mayor of New York City, Micheal Bloomberg signs ban of e cig in public zones where smoking is prohibited on last days in Office.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg signs a law on e cig ban indoors to which the use of electronic cigarettes will be prohibited in offices, bars, restaurants and even in city parks. As per reports, Bloomberg gives his stick of approval Tuesday to an initiative expanding the city’s Smoke Free Air Act. The new bill was one of 22 signed by the NYC mayor on Tuesday, with the others including a ban on Styrofoam and a standard designed to reduce toxic discharges from trade waste delivery vehicles.

E cig will now be legally identified as equal to conventional cigarettes and “e cigarette smokers will no longer enjoy the loophole/exception that allowed their use anywhere”, says Dylan Love. According to report, after Bloomberg signed the bill, two opponents to this bill immediately lit up vapor cigarettes in the City Hall Blue Room in protest and one of those protestors is Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (CLASH) founder Audrey Silk. To this, Silk says “Good people disobey bad laws”.

However, it is found that the bill signed by Bloomberg corresponding electronic cigarettes to the actual tobacco-based products are designed to replace that has generated the most media buzz. While its proponents and supporters tout that they are safe and better replacements for conventional cigarettes, a group of 40 state attorneys general called for the US Food and Drug Administration in September to begin regulating best e cig in much the same way that they do tobacco products.

Experts at in relation to this context say “probably due to the controversies surrounding the devices themselves, concerns have been raised. E cig reviews are designed in a way to help customers in understanding the basics of it but let’s see what the consequences of this bill come out to be”.

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