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Newly Published Book by Jeffery St. Julien Reveals the Secrets of the Most Successful Weight-Control Method Ever Created - "The Paleo LifeStyle Explained"

Readers will learn about the benefits of the clinically-proven healthy lifestyle of our Paleolithic ancestors and the foods that humans were intended to consume in addition to exercise and fitness.

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- People are always trying to lose weight, and have tried all of the fad diets and nutritional supplements on the market. Losing weight is not that complex, as explained in Jeffery St. Julien’s new book, "The Paleo LifeStyle Explained". The human body was not designed to process fast foods, cookies and cakes, overcooked foods, french fries and the myriad of other garbage food items modern day humans consume. One need only look at the type of caveman diet that our ancestors consumed. Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, inflammatory ailments and heart disease was not a problem when mankind ate raw foods. Scientific analysis of our ancestors mummified remains shows a lack of high cholesterol, high triglycerides, gout and a host of other disorders that plague modern man.

"The Paleo LifeStyle Explained" explains in an easy to read style that our Paleolithic ancestors survived with a Primal Diet and were hunter-gatherers that ate only wild, unprocessed food that was foraged and hunted from their environment. Readers comment that they feel like they are sitting in a room with Jeffery listening to him speak. The simplicity of the Paleo LifeStyle is profound in and of itself. Diets are doomed to failure, as they restrict the dieter from enjoying eating, and they walk around in a constant state of starvation and low energy. This sets off a cascade of events and makes it impossible to stay on the diet. When a diet is stopped, the weight returns, and usually in excess of the original weight. This is where the term "Yo-Yo Diet" comes from.

On the other hand, many people try weight-loss supplements. This can be a risky endeavor, as many of the so-called safe ingredients are not so safe. Ephedra and caffeine based supplements can cause cardiac problems. Many times these supplements are combined with energy drinks of coffee and produce a dangerous cardio stimulating effect. Just because a label states "All Natural Ingredients" doesn’t mean they are safe. Many addictive drugs are derived from natural ingredients.

"The Paleo LifeStyle Explained - Everything You Need to Know for Optimal Health, Self-Sustaining Fat Loss and a Phenomenal Body", will introduce the reader to a new paradigm in thinking about foods.  The typical feelings of starvation are not present due to the nutrient-dense nature of the foods consumed in the Paleo Lifestyle. An entire Chapter is dedicated to Paleo Recipes, and makes for an easy transition to this healthy lifestyle. 

For complete information, please visit: The Paleo LifeStyle Explained

About Jeffery St.Julien
Jeffery St. Julien is the author of The Paleo Lifestyle Explained. He’s also a Registered Nurse, a health advocate and a fitness enthusiast. After realizing firsthand that diet and lifestyle have an immense impact on our health and energy levels, Jeffery explored the research being conducted on how our Paleolithic ancestors lived, ate and moved – the basis for today’s Paleo diet. Realizing that scientific evidence supports this type of lifestyle and seeing real, lasting results in his own life from making the changes necessary, Jeffery wrote The Paleo Lifestyle Explained to help others reinvigorate themselves, fight disease, maximize energy, lose fat, and achieve optimal health and well-being.

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