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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Nikola Tesla Secret is a digital DIY guide that shows people how to create a FREE energy Device which generates free electricity. The guide consist of high quality step-by-step content and illustrations written by experienced technology experts that specialize in free energy.

Today, people all over the world are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources for their power needs due to the apparent depletion of the traditional sources of energy – natural gas, oil, coal among others.

Many people have suggested a number of good ideas on how we can cut back on the high dependency on fossil energy which has evidently put our future at great risk.

On the other hand, there has been some hostility towards some of the brilliant ideas suggested to curb the dependence on fossil energy sources. Note that there are a number of beneficiaries in the energy cycle – oil companies, greedy, selfish politicians, among others.

The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator Secret Official Site

Nikola Tesla was the single and most important pioneer in harnessing the power of electricity, and his knowledge and research was considered to be revolutionary, yet way ahead of his time to be of any practical use. But, his findings also threatened the financial stability of power companies and his findings were suppressed and hidden from public view until now. This Nikola Tesla Secret review explains how their kit can transform how people use energy from now on.

The Nikola Tesla Secrets shows a very convincing video that has a device crafted from electronic bits and pieces that can fit in a guy's palm. These materials alone assembled a device that charged a cell phone. Energy was extracted from the environment without fuel or batteries of any kind. The concept behind it lies on the radiant energy suspended around the earth's surroundings that is extracted by the Nikola Tesla generator to produce electrical energy. A blueprint for the circuit system guides how to build this generator.

The Tesla generator is easy to build and safe to use anywhere. The instructions illustrated in the Tesla Secret eBook are easy to follow for anyone, no matter that person has technical knowhow or not. It comes with a complete do-it-yourself kit and a well written manual that shows how to build the device without any trouble.

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The Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator Secret Official Site

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