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Ninety Percent of the Smokers Prefer Electric Cigarette Says

Electric cigarettes help in minimizing smoking for a couple of reasons where the most important is electronic cigarettes are far more convenient than regular tobacco.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- states that electric cigarette is a $250 million a year industry slated to quadruple by 2014 that sells 20 million flavored cartridges and 10 million disposables a year according to reports. No more yellow fingers and smelly clothes are reported with the use of e cigs. There are even more major advantages that smokers can gain by inclining towards electronic cigarettes. This makes 9 out of 10 smokers to stick with electronic cigarettes after once tasting the electric cigarettes. The vapor for e cigs does not give any smoke to destroy the senses.

The genuine electronic cigarette provides users with an effective simulation of smoking a real tobacco cigarette, but without all of the legal and health issues that often surround regular and traditional cigarettes. According to electronic cigarette reviews e cigarettes are gradually transforming the way smokers can enjoy the nicotine fix all over the globe. Reviews explain that apart from being healthier, e cigarettes are absolutely legal in terms of smoking in public places in the majority of towns. Because the cigarettes do not have tobacco in them, one can smoke them anywhere where regular cigarettes are banned such as in restaurants, the workplace, bars and in few airplanes as well.

The advantages of getting the smell and taste senses back after quitting tobaccos smoking are some of the most overlooked benefits a smoker gets, after putting the regular cigarettes away. These are benefits an e cigarette smoker also will be able to get because of the vapor. In fact the sense can be such a great motivational factor that it can be the main reason for never going back to tobacco smoking again. By puffing through the device, the smoker activates a sensor at the tip of the cigarette and this releases a vapor that contains nicotine and propylene glycol, along with a specific scent which copies the flavor of real tobacco.

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