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Ninja Mega Kitchen System Investigation - What They Will Never Tell Anyone

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Fairfield, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Recent investigation concerning Ninja Mega Kitchen System is now made available…

Americans are constantly moving and rarely pause for time to make meals, so it is no surprise that a recent study gauging societal norms in 34 countries revealed that American spent the least amount of time cooking per day, 30 minutes. The small time window of 30 minutes sets limitations on meals that families will have time to cook; therefore, it makes sense that an increasing number of health conscious families have started to emulsify, blend and juice fruits and vegetables for liquefied meals on-the-go.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System combines the functions of many kitchen appliances- Blender, Food Processor & Single-Serve Blending all in one professional unit. The Ninja Blender offers 1500 watts of power, with two horsepower motors. Also included are an extra large 72 oz. pitcher with blade assembly, extra large 64 oz. processor bowl with blade assembly, dough blade attachment and two single-serve blending cups with blade and to-go lids.

What is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

This revolutionary technology now offers consumers the ability to inspire healthy living for the active, on-the-go lifestyle, in one complete system. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System offers professional power and performance, equipped with two amazing horsepower motors, incredible 1500 watts of power and revolutionary breakthrough blades, enabling healthier eating. The Mega Kitchen System also guarantees professional blending. The blender crushes ice to snow so the consumer can make restaurant quality frozen drinks and create delicious frozen smoothies, as well as emulsify fruits and vegetables for healthy drinks using Nutrient Complete Juicing.

Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro (the company responsible for developing Ninja products) refers to the Ninja Mega Kitchen System as merely meeting the consumer demands. He says, “We want to stay on top of consumers’ growing needs by offering easy solutions and the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a complete product that does just that.”

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System overall enables a professional food prep and cooking experience. The Ninja System’s Blender has food processing (easily mix, chop and process foods) and dough mixing capabilities; this simplifies mixing, chopping and processing food, as well as shortens dough making time into as little as 20 seconds. This Kitchen System is also perfect for making desserts like ice cream, sherbet and frozen yogurt. Its capabilities used to crush ice and frozen fruit can also be applied to making salsas and salad dressings, which can be conveniently made in the Ninja Mega Kitchen System’s powerful 16 oz container (with the power of a 72 oz blender), so the consumer can take their meals to-go.

A Closer Look at the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System’s superior blade system differentiates the product from others on the market. Offering a variety of features and attachments, the Ninja Blender’s blade helps make healthy eating easy by turning whole fruits and vegetables into nutrient-complete juice and smoothies, while maintaining the beneficial fiber that traditional juice extractors remove. Clean up is not a hassle either, since all the Ninja Mega Kitchen System parts are detachable, dishwasher-safe and crafted of 100 percent BPA-free plastic. While the Ninja Mega Kitchen System seems to come with a lot of parts and components, assembly is an easy and quick process.

Lillian Clarke, mother of three who lives a healthy, fast-paced lifestyle states, “I was most surprised by how simple the Ninja Mega Kitchen System was to use. The order included blades, various sized containers and blenders, so it seemed intimidating, but I quickly realized that I had no reason to worry! The assembly process is effortless, and I was cooking meals that very same day. My favorite way to use the blender is to make fruit smoothies; strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries blended with crushed ice and yogurt always come out delicious and healthy- so I can stay fit, and enjoy what I am eating!.”

How Does The Ninja Mega Kitchen System Stack Up Against The Competition?

Consumers want to know what makes this device different from the competition, like Magic Bullet, and why they should invest in this product. While the Magic Bullet Blender also comes with an easy to-use cups that to make sauces, desserts, drinks and salsas, it only comes with smaller to go mugs and cups while the Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with various sizes. The Ninja System provides the consumer with a single serve container, XL 8 cup processor bowl and a 72 oz pitcher. The Ninja Blender is the most powerful single serve Blender ever, it offers wider and greater variety in amount of ingredients to use, and the System increases the number of portions that can be made.

Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro continues, “The Mega Kitchen System is designed to inspire and simplify healthier living. We have combined the function of multiple kitchen appliances by providing a practical way to process, mix and blend all with one product and handle limitless tasks in seconds. This system is ideal for anyone who is active and on-the-go looking to prepare healthy meals and beverages quickly and effectively. It’s exciting to be able to provide consumers with the ultimate kitchen appliance unlike anything else on the market.”

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