No Second Hand Smoke Is Making V2 Cigs Popular Elaborates states that e cigarettes do not cause passive smoking therefore e cigs are becoming more popular in the crowd.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2012 -- says V2 Cigs are healthier alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is very popular among people these days. The facilities provided by electronic cigarette over a normal tobacco cigarette are attracting a lot of smokers. Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke, ash or tar. It also does not produce any bad breath, odor and staining.

Electronic cigarettes are also called smokeless cigarettes because they produce no smoke. The e cigarettes contain a nicotine liquid which is put in the cartridge. When an e smoker takes a puff the battery warms the nicotine liquid present in the cartridge. This creates a stream of thin vapors when the e smoker exhales. These vapors get vaporized within seconds. So there is no chance of passive smoking. Therefore e cigarette is also called smokeless cigarette. Electronic cigarette reviews explain there are a lot of brands producing these smokeless cigarettes. One of the brands is V2 Cigs. The brand offers different starter electronic cigarette kits at cheaper price than a conventional cigarette. The vapor cigarette fulfills the basic need of a smoker that is cravings for nicotine. But as tobacco is not involved, the other noxious chemicals like cancer causing carcinogens are avoided. This has made smoking less harmful.

Experts say if it is not possible for a chain smoker to quit smoking than the person can at least switch to vapor cigarette. This will help prevent the smoker from bad health issues. Also as there is no second hand smoke, a smoker can smoke electronic cigarette in public places too. One of the e smoker said “E cigarette has no smell and is not harmful to people around you, unlike real cigarettes. I did not quit smoking, but I use my e cigarette more and more. I smoke my e cigarette everywhere and no one seems to have a problem. Some people look confused at first, but then once they realize that this device only looks like a cigarette and produces smoke like vapor that has no smell, they stop paying attention to me. But it is not the only reason why I started using my e cigarette more – it’s less than the cost of conventional cigarettes.” Smokeless cigarettes forbid the non smokers from inhaling chemicals like carcinogens.

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