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NOVONOUS Launches Business Information Site for Industry Professionals.

NOVONOUS has launched primarily to provide business information from a technical point of market research professionals. It will be covering various industries like manufacturing, pharma, energy, consumer and retail, IT and telecom, food and beverages and chemicals etc.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- The quality of information about markets and industry is important for decision makers who wish to stay updated about various trends related to their industry. There are many sources to receive industry updates in today’s world of internet but the major challenge is identification of quality information from the rest of the data.

Keeping this in mind NOVONOUS has launched, a portal which aims to make available business information to industry professionals.

Ambarish Verma, CEO of NOVONOUS says, “The idea behind Market Research Times is to provide decision makers industry information as seen from a market researcher’s point of view.”

This portal will be providing business information about various industries like energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, consumer and retail, IT and telecom, food and beverages and chemicals etc.

“This is our initiative to provide a platform which can be used by entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, financial institutions, industry associations, industry professionals, market researchers, news reporters and students on regular basis to keep them updated about their respective industries.” adds Ambarish. will be an open platform which can be accessed by anyone interested to know about insights and trends about various markets and industries.

Entrepreneurs can use this platform to be updated about upcoming trends and business opportunities in various industries. Investors and venture capitalists can use this site to get performance trends about various industries which can help them in taking investment related decisions. Financial institutions can use this site to get details about any specific industry which can help them in making financial decisions. Market researchers can get in-depth information about the current market situation of their targeted industry. News reporters working on business stories can use this site to get industry insights. This site will also prove to be a valuable learning resource for students who can gain valuable insights about various industries which they can not only use in their classroom projects but which will also enable them in career related decisions.

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