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Now Recover Lost Text Messages from New iPhone 5C/5S Easily

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- iPhone is very popular smartphone brand of the world. Now users can recover lost text messages from iPhone 5C/5S easily. The iPhone SMS recovery software has upgraded its version to support the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. It is one of the leading iPhone data backup software brand of the world which provides solution of complete data backup and restore of various Apple gadgets. It includes the backup and restore of iPad, iPod and iPhone data on both Windows and Mac OS. The latest version has been upgraded to supports iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. It will also support iOS7 platform.

Apart from the compatibility of the software with new iPhone version and iOS version, it will also support the latest release of Windows and Mac OS. The another spotlight of this software which makes its unique in its kind is the compatibility of single software with all the devices of Apple with their latest versions which includes iPod 6G and iPad 4. The range of data which can be saved as backup and then restored are sms, contacts, call list, notes, calendar, Apps, images, videos, movies, pdf, etc in different forms and formats. File format supporting range are applicable for all the versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.

One can ask why should one Recover Lost Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S using iPhone SMS recovery software instead of iTunes and iCloud. Well data backup is must for anyone. Loss of precious data can harm in many forms. iTunes can be used for data backup and restore but it very complex software to use and also it works very slowly. It consumes lots of system resources and also drops the systems throughput. iCloud service is used to store the data on remote server. It requires very fast internet connection so that data could get easily uploaded and downloaded. For large file like multimedia files or numerous messages, it will not be feasible to use iCloud service. Whereas third party software provides simple interface, takes less resources and transfer files fastly. The steps to perform the operation are also much simpler. So diverting towards third party software for iPhone data backup will be more or less beneficial from the users point of view.

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About iPhone SMS recovery software
iPhone SMS recovery software provides solution to Recover Lost Text Messages from iPhone 5C/5S. The upgraded version of the software now supports iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S including the iOS7 platform.