Top Nutritional Supplement Weight Loss Trends in 2013

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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- An overview of the top trends in both nutritional supplements and weight loss must begin with pure green coffee beans extract. Since a green coffee weight loss research study was publicized last year, a green coffee buying frenzy has developed causing frequent shipping delays and backordering for many supplement companies making these products. More information about green coffee can be found here

An informative video about green coffee bean and chlorogenic acid has been prepared by The video also details consumer oriented shopping tips for selecting high quality, fairly priced green coffee products and should be especially helpful to consumers shopping for green coffee products for the first time. The video can be viewed by clicking here

Other niches in the area of weight loss include African mango supplements and raspberry ketones. Popularity remains strong for both African mango and raspberry ketones as reflected in search engine statistics, but sales-wise, these are both lagging far behind green coffee. All three of these product niches have received glowing recommendations from at least one nationally known expert with a TV show, but green coffee seems to have more strongly caught the publics fancy.

A popular product from a few years ago, acai berry, is still very popular. Go here for more information about acai berry and acai products But while acai berry was inappropriately promoted as a weight loss supplement starting in 2008, the berry’s real benefit is for its high level of antioxidants and its overall extraordinary nutritional value, and not for weight loss.

Resveratrol is another strong old stand-bye and continues as a steady seller. Its popularity is a result of it being the subject of continued worldwide research for a variety of potential health benefits, with much of the research revolving around on anti-aging and disease prevention. Resveratrol was also inappropriately promoted as a weight loss product over the past number of years.

For consumers interested in green coffee, the green coffee supplement selected by as the best brand for quality and price is Perfect Green Coffee. Perfect Green Coffee is made in the USA from ingredients lab-tested for purity by a certified testing lab. All Perfect brand products including Perfect Green Coffee come with a customer satisfaction 100% money back guarantee so consumers can shop with risk-free confidence. Perfect Green Coffee is made by Perfect Supplements which also makes the premium resveratrol supplement Perfect ResGrape as well as the organic freeze-dried acai berry product Perfect Acai.

Special quantity discounts are offered at on Perfect Green Coffee. When purchasing 3 to 5 bottles customers receive a 25% discount, when buying 6 to 11 bottles customers get a 30% discount, and 12 or more bottles gets a 35% discount. At the 6-bottle level or more, customers also receive free shipping in the domestic U.S. Since the weight loss research study was done over a 22-week time frame, the recommended purchase amount is 6 bottles.

Perfect Green Coffee and the other specialty supplements featured on ships to over 200 countries worldwide including Canada, Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia and more.

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