NYC Health Commissioner Suggest to Ban Electronic Cigarette Discusses Digitalsmoke.Org

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Yesterday, on the New York City Council, the health commissioner Dr. Thomas A. Farley suggested to ban electronic cigarette because of the factor that this device looks similar as tobacco cigarettes. He said that he could not say whether electronic cigarettes are hazardous to us or not and therefore he can’t guarantee that this device is safe. In that situation the health commissioner says that e cigarette must be banned.

The supporters of the ban on electric cigarette use says that it is good to ban e cigarette as it is aimed at protecting children from vaping or smoking addiction, and they also conclude that smoking must be cool again, and proceed teens directly to a pack-a-day habit that will endanger their health and shorten their lives. Many electronic cigarette reviews also says that the percentage of teen smokers is growing day by day.

The health commissioner also says that the problem with smokeless cigarette electric cigarettes is that they make smoking socially acceptable, and that they were a “bridge” for people who went back to smoking regular cigarettes. By keeping in mind the previously mentioned points, many people are now supporting the ban on electronic cigarettes.

There are many electronic cigarette brands that are offering quality vaping experience to the customers. Electronic Cigarette reviews conclude that some best electronic cigarette brands already restrict minors to use their products and they restrict teens even to visit their site. Many of the customers in an e cigarette reviews say that it is not good to restrict e cigarette completely but yes public use should be banned.

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