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Old School New Body Review - Is Steve and Becky Holman's Program Really Effective?

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Birkirkara, Malta -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- Those that have passed the age of 35 may experience that their bodies seem to betray them. Many of those that grow fatter and become less fit as time marches on attribute this fact to the aging process. However, it is not only possible to get back into shape, but to do so quickly and at the same time it is also possible to take away years from a somewhat aged look.

This Old School New Body review will outline the main features of this body transformation system that emphasizes eating well and working out less to achieve one’s personal fitness goals. Developed by Steve and Becky Holman, the Old School New Body system is one that is targeted for men and women over the age of 35. According to the authors, the majority of those who have used their system were able to reclaim their bodies, build lean muscle and get into top physical condition.

What is Old School New Body?

Called the F4X Protocol, F4X system or F4X workout, it is a complete exercise and nutritional system that is designed to shed the pounds and get anyone into the best physical condition possible using safe, proven methods. The F4X Protocol does not require running mile after mile or exercising for hours on end. In fact, the system developed by Steve and Becky Holman actually limits the exercise to just a few minutes each day.

The 90 Minute per Week Exercise System

In this Old School New Body review, it is worth noting that buyers of the program are usually surprised to find out that the entire workout program for a week lasts only 90 minutes. This is especially true when one considers the fact that many other physical training programs require working out for more than 90 minutes in two days or even less.

The F4X or Focus4 exercise program is based around the intensity of the workouts, not their length. In this manner, the muscles get the training they need in a short period of time. According to the authors, this method of training actually works with the body, not against it. Working out for long periods of time, whether through aerobic exercise, resistance or weight lifting will actually work against the body. By limiting the time, the true benefits of the F4X system can be enjoyed with no wearing down or becoming exhausted, which is the bane of most other workout programs.

The Three Part Old School New Body System

Here, the entire physical training program is broken down into three parts that can be followed to their conclusion, otherwise one can limit them to what works best for him or her.

- F4X Lean: This is the workout program that is designed to help one lose weight and get that lean physique. The F4X Protocol combines a simple, short, yet intense workout system and lean, nutritional diet that actually feeds the body to help it shed the excess fat. For many, the F4X Lean is the only program that they use to get into the shape that they desire.

- F4X Shape: When the weight is dropped and a lean physique is obtained, the next step is keeping the muscles toned and in shape. This part of the program works great for those who want to add a little more muscle to get that athletic look that so many people desire. Plus, adding more muscle means actually burning even more fat. The best thing about this section of the F4X workout program is that it’s only a slight variation from the nutritional and complete workout plan in the F4X Lean program. The fact that only minor changes are required is definitely a plus to the majority of those who follow the program.

- F4X Build: This part of the program is for those who have completed the first two parts and now want the figure of a bodybuilder. The idea behind F4X Build is to add more muscle to one’s body for a natural look, not one that is enhanced by any form of legal or illegal drugs. As in the case of the F4X Shape program, only a slight variation to the nutritional guide and lifting program is required in order to get the desired muscle mass.

Extra Information

In addition to the full exercise plan and complete nutritional guide found in the Old School New Body book, there are additional eBooks and audio interviews that provide more information, motivation and guidance to help anyone get a great body. This extra information is an important part of the program that will rid the body of excess fat and create a sharp, lean physique on which one then can build extra muscle if he or she desires.

In addition to the extra information included in this program, there is the five step system that the Old School New Body approach uses to help people lose weight and maintain their physique.

- Eating Healthy: Diets are really forbidden in the F4X system. Instead, one is instructed to eat healthy amounts of food and not worry about the fat intake. In fact, the right types of fats actually work with the body to help make it stronger.

- Working Out Less: Instead of running in circles, one is required to engage in short, intense exercises for no more than 90 minutes each week. That averages out to just 18 minutes each day.

- Drinking More Water: Water is not only the source of life as it’s also a source of fat burning and helping one to feel fuller. Drinking more water is also encouraged so as to stay hydrated.

- Get in Shape no Matter the Age: Studies have proven that people in their 90s can gain lean muscle and achieve good muscle tone, so it is never too late to start this program, but the earlier one starts the more he or she will appreciate it in the long run.

Does Old School New Body Really Work?

The answer is a very strong “yes”. While carrying out the Old School New Body review, it became evident that the system behind the F4X plan is based on solid, proven methods in both exercise and nutritional techniques. In fact, the Old School New Body system is one for a lifetime of good health. There is no need for crash diets and overlong workouts that can drain the body while not getting rid it of the excess fat. The program is also great for all those who desire to build the muscle needed to create a better, stronger and leaner person.

The F4X system is the perfect answer to those over 35 who feel that their best days are behind. These people can take comfort in the fact that Old School New Body exercises and nutritional plans are highly recommended as they really work. This is a powerful program where people eat healthy and workout only 90 minutes a week to get the body they want.

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