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Opportunities for Education Establishments in Colombian Market

English centres in the UK are positive about new opportunities in South American market, especially in Colombia.


Bournemouth, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Emerging Education Market

With the steady reduction of political instability and violence, Colombia looks well on its way to becoming free of its historical handicaps. Government investment in infrastructure, tourism and the like has also grown significantly. The combined effect of these and the growing demand for a skilled educated workforce has led to a steady growth in the demand for English education in the South American nation.

The Colombian youth today is looking forward to learning English both as a language and as a medium for other studies, the education market has a significant potential to grow there.

Present Scenario

As of today, many institutions are making compulsory, a minimum education in English of up to CEFR B1. Since the same is not readily available as part of the course, many young Colombians are forced to take a break and pursue an English courses abroad.

However the choice for undertaking English language courses, or even short business courses, often leads them to USA since it is geographically closer. Moreover studying in UK suffers from certain serious misconceptions. Especially those pertaining to the visa process. Even though the process of getting visas for entering the UK is fairly straightforward and simple – one of the best ranked in the world – there is little awareness about it.

There is a misconception among potential students that living expenses are very high in the UK. This is a result of them basing their calculations on London costs which leads to overestimating. This needs to be dispelled. Also the students need to be made aware that as Tier 4 English language students, they can work for up to 10 hours without any problem.

Another aspect is that of course timing and duration.

Colombians show a preference to putting forth courses in quanta of 'weeks' as opposed to the current UK practice of stating them in 'terms'. Also the admission dates and course dates should be flexible enough to allow proper matching with Colombian ones.

Research and Outreach

So what's the way the UK institutes need to take for tapping into the Colombian market?

The first step is market research. Interested institutes need to undertake serious market research and identify either niche or general target students. Thereafter they can take the most apt decisions on what is to be done and how it is to be implemented. They can also customise their courses and processes to best suit the market.

Secondly significant outreach activities need to be done. The best among local agents need to be engaged and made aware of what to offer and to whom. Their feedback must also be imbibed by the institutes. Working together with existing partners and the British Council, using education fairs and roadshows is also very important.

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