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Option Millionaires Announces 15-Day Free Diamond-Level Membership

Scheduled to Run Through December 15th, 2013

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Massapequa Park, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- OptionMillionaires.com, a website dedicated to option trading training and education, announced recently a special "Happy Holidays" 15-day-long free Diamond membership package. From now through December 15th, 2013, those considering membership at Option Millionaires will be able to access all the site's high-quality Diamond-level membership features at no cost or future obligation.

Normally priced at $99.99 monthly, a Diamond membership at OptionMillionaires.com provides the ultimate in option trading training and education, including one-on-one dedicated chatroom discussions with the site's cadre of seasoned investment professionals as well as the OptionMillionaires.com welcome packet that includes a detailed Ebook and four introductory videos plus SMS text alerts and premium live webinars. Many Diamond-level members at Option Millionaires track options trades made by the site's experienced investors, thereby gaining valuable insight on how to develop options trading strategies of their own.

OptionMillionaires.com has made it easy for prospective members to take advantage of its special holiday membership offering. Simply follow this Option Millionaires link and enter "15DaysFree!" (minus the quotation marks) as the password.

Once inside OptionMillionaires.com, Diamond-level members can take advantage of the site's complete instructional media archive, discuss stocks and stock option trading with other members as well as the site's corps of veteran professional investors and undertake one of the best option trading education programs available today.

When queried about the promotion, the OptionMillionaires.com staff of seasoned investment pros responded that they felt the quickest and best way to bring the options trading world to the masses was through regular promotional membership offerings such as this current version, though it's scheduled to run only through December 15th of 2013.

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