OTCmagic.com Looks Ahead for the Week of Octover 22nd, 2012 on the Following Stocks: (OTC: SANP) (PINK: TAGG) (OTC: BRND) (OTC: NGRC)

Pre Market trading suggest a big week is coming and OTCMagic.com is all over it! Looks for our updates on the following stocks: (OTC: SANP) (PINK: TAGG) (OTC: BRND) (OTC: NGRC)

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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP) is the big new SMA pick that has failed to bring much returns for investors. Currently trading at $0.99 the stock has been the subject of two failry aggressive and succesful short attacks. For more information on SANP and to find out whats coming please visit: Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP)

TagLikeMe Corp (PINK: TAGG) has been the subject of a highly aggressive promotion over teh past few weeks which saw the stock reach highs of around $0.15 however the stock has been unable to regain those highs since. Currently trading at $0.11 TAGG trades big volume and has been one of the most active stocks on the bb's in recent sessions. To find out whats next for TAGG and for more information on the Company please go here: TagLIkeMe Corp (PINK: TAGG)

Premier Brands Incorporated (OTC: BRND) has been on a wild tear in recent trading sessions reaching an all time high of $0.83 on friday. The stock started off last week in the mid $0.60's but has been climbing steadiliy as heavy demand for the stock continunes. Currently trading at $0.825 BRND contines to do close to a million dollars per day in dollar volume. To find out whats coming on BRND please visit us: Premier Brands Incorporated (OTC: BRND

National Graphite Corp (OTC: NGRC) started trading in the $0.50 range in the beginning of September and traded in that range for while before making any gains for invetors. Currently trading at $1.00 the stock has been on a steady rise over the past month and is quickly turning into one of the hottest stock of Octover, for more information on NGRC please visit: National Graphite Corp (OTC: NGRC)