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Drug Inhalers must know that how long Marijuana will stay in their body and what all things one must do before they go for a drug test


Niagara Falls, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Many people wonder, how long does marijuana stay in your system after it is used. There is not actually a single, straightforward answer to this question, and many aspects must be taken into consideration, especially if a drug test is being administered.

One of the most significant aspects of marijuana use is that even if get dissolute, the drug can still found in a user's body. Marijuana is an active component, THC, is what will be found in a user's body after the initial components has vanished. Marijuana drug tests are actually looking for THC, which can be found in a subject's hair, spit, urine, or even blood. THC can be detected with urine tests for varying periods of time based upon the frequency of a subject's marijuana use and the amount them intake. Heavy marijuana users should be aware that a urine test can detect THC in their system for about 45 days; light to moderate cannabis smokers should expect a urine test to be accurate for 7 to 30 days. THC will generally be present in the body of a daily user.

After a long time though THC is undetectable in a subject's spit or urine; it can remain present in the hair follicles. Marijuana, and other drugs, enters into the bloodstream almost instantly when they are consumed. Blood is vital for hair to grow, and must enter the root to aid the hair's growth; once blood containing THC enters into the strand of hair's root, it grows with each strand. Thus, without referring to a particular part of the body, there is no generalized answer for the length of time marijuana can be detected in the body. It is always healthy not to intake any drug.

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