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PC Healthboost Review- New Registry Clean Software Helps Users Fix PC Errors Seamlessly

PC Healthboost is a new registry clean software that speeds up and repairs a PC seamlessly and helps users fix all their computer problems on the go.

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Punjab, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Computers get infected with various kinds of viruses and malwares and start showing up annoying errors frequently. One of the most common problems encountered by PC or laptop owners is the presence of unwanted software in it. This can be a very big deal to these people since they have to work with various factors to get rid of malicious software. There may be many different solutions offered but not all of them can completely resolve users pc problems. That is the reason why this PC Healthboost review is made to serve as users personal guide in case they are dealing with such kind of PC issue.

Software developers Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar have released PC Healthboost, an efficient registry cleaner that has received rave reviews from nearly all of their customers. This team spent almost 3 years in developing this software that has got a lot of positive customer reviews and is proud of receiving the certification and recognition from the top computer software corporation of the world which is the Microsoft. The award was called Microsoft Vendor Gold certification.

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PC Healthboost is a feature rich software that helps optimize the performance of a computer at every step. It works in the following way:

- Startup Boost – if a PC boots up slowly, the startup boost of PC Healthboost can help manage this problem effectively. The user can eliminate all the unnecessary start ups of programs running on boot and get rid of waiting time that is definitely annoying.

- Smart Update – in this PC Healthboost review, users are going to discover that this software has Smart Update for them to remain updated with latest technology as well as extra features added. There will be a button available for them to get the information they need or it will automatically pop up to your PC screen.

- Scan Scheduling – optimize and scan its registry on boot when necessary. There is no need for technical knowledge. With just few clicks, your PC will remain optimized as users desired.

- ScanSafe Technology – before changes have been made to the registry, PC Healthboost will automatically back this up. Thus, it will al-low users to be able to restore any time.

To run PC Healthboost software, the user has to meet a few basic re-quirements. These include 10 MB hard drive space, 1024 MB of RAM, and internet access (for registration purposes). PC healthboost software tool has been designed for repairing registry errors in the PC. It works automatically to get rid of the existing problems in the laptop or PC. The free software version can repair the font entries and file association. Moreover it can eliminate the startup programs. With an upgrade the users gets premium version that lets users fix any registry errors seamlessly.

About PC Healthboost Software
PC healthboost is the result of many years research by two brilliant software developers, Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar. They have developed this software to remove all sorts of PC registry errors, window errors, computer crashes and pc freeze ups with cutting edge ScanSafe technology that assures that all repairs for the PC are safe. Above all they provide 24/7 topnotch customer support that makes consumer experience with this product a real bliss.

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