Penomet vs SizeGenetics - Which Device Is Best for the Male Organ Enlargement

Penomet and the SizeGenetics are the nonsurgical male organ enlargement methods. Both the devices work on traction method and are proven effective to enlarge the organ size and improve the sexual performance

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- To eliminate the problem of erectile dysfunction, the traction methods are gaining the popularity these days. Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which a man is unable to get the enough erections to perform the intercourse. This problem is usually caused by the small organ size because the smaller organ has the low capacity for holding blood.

Traction devices usually apply a small pulling force to promote the cell elongation and enlargement. Cells of organ get stretched and go through the cell division process. This process ultimately increases the male organ size. Penomet and the SizeGenetics are well-known male organ enlargement devices, which use the traction method for the enlargement.

Penomet is the water-assisted penis pump that is proven effective to show the visible increase in organ size within the first 15 minutes. The product is designed by using the high quality material and helps to achieve the maximum growth with the minimal pressure. By applying a small pulling pressure, it increases the size of erectile tissues and enlarges the male organ to promote better blood flow across the organ. The device is ISO certified and has been awarded the “Best Male Enhancement device 2012” certificate.

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Experts have approved both the products as the most effective yet the safe nonsurgical treatment to eliminate the erectile dysfunction and promote a healthy sexual life.

SizeGenetics is also the effective device that also works by using the traction method. The product has clinically been tested and approved as the highly effective male enhancement device. According to the clinical results it can enhance the size of the male organ up to 29% within the use of 6 months

Dr’s and many other plastic surgeon specialists have individually conducted clinical trials and found it effective for the male enhancement.

“The research of SizeGenetics demonstrated a clinically significant male extension device which can be very effective therefore it is highly recommended to the patients with low erectile capacity and small organ size“

On the basis of research, clinical trials and customer reviews, experts have found both the devices equally effective for male enhancement. Customers can read more at the official website.

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