Green Coffee Bean Extract Review - Selecting a Green Coffee Supplement That Really Is Pure

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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- Sales of green coffee bean supplements with chlorogenic acid are soaring as a result of a number of successful small research studies and experiments on humans. One well-publicized green coffee bean weight loss research study from early 2012 achieved weight loss on an average of over 17 pounds in 22 weeks. Another limited test by a popular TV doctor confirmed weight loss success in a research experiment involving audience members. Larger studies are being planned to confirm these early results. It is the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans believed to be responsible for the impressive weight loss results.

In the meantime, starting in the spring of 2012 sales of green coffee supplements started gaining momentum and by the end of September, sales of these supplements dominated all other natural weight loss aids. There seems to be general agreement among observers that consumers should look for the following factors when selecting a green coffee supplement. The chlorogenic acid level is the first factor, followed by the purity level. Based on these criteria, a leading health and nutrition related website, has selected the product Perfect Green Coffee as its featured coffee beans product.

The product Perfect Green Coffee extract is the top pick based not only on the criteria referenced above but also because of the products overall value. In terms of chlorogenic acid levels, Perfect Green Coffee contains a lab-verified 50% chlorogenic acid. Many competing products contain as little as 42% to 45% and sometimes much less. As for the purity factor, Perfect Green Coffee is 100% pure. While almost all green coffee supplements claim to be pure, an examination of the various product labels indicate that very few of these supplements are pure.

The Perfect Green Coffee ingredients label, which is displayed on website, shows that this premium product contains no additional ingredients whatsoever. There are not even any fillers in the capsules, which is rare. Most nutritional supplement companies add so-called filler to capsules to make the capsules look full. This is done for marketing purposes so that consumers don’t feel short-changed, but the downside is that an unnecessary ingredient ends up in the capsule, which is of no nutritional benefit. This is not the case with Perfect Green Coffee as this supplement is one of the few that can claim 100% purity. So, consumers should always read the ingredients labels when shopping for supplement. offers an introductory sale on Perfect Green Coffee at 25% to 35% savings when buying 3 bottles or more. is a top-rated BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited online service based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.