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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Personal Path To Pregnancy is actually a complete guide to conceiving naturally and but without the unnecessary invasive therapies. It provides various different techniques and ways to select which strategies would work effective for you. The author, Beth Kiley, shares her personal story and what led her to writing this book. She had five miscarriages after she was 35 and older. Doctors had pretty much made her believe she could not have children. But now she has two healthy children, Personal Path To Pregnancy is based on Beth's personal experience and years of researching the subject. She has implemented her own techniques successfully (she has a couple of kids now) and decided to share them with others.

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Personal Path to Pregnancy covers a various topics which include nutritional and change in lifestyle. There is information with detecting ovulation, timing of intercourse, vitamins, herbs, alternative remedies, and improving malesperm count. Some common habits that may be holding you back from getting pregnant. She explains how your ability to get pregnant is linked to your Body Mass Index and how to use that information to get your body into peak condition for child-bearing. If like me you have irregular periods, you will love the section devoted to this topic. Beth explains the best way to work with irregular periods and increase your chances of conceiving. She also explains the female anatomy in a way that is easily understood, she explains why cervical mucus is important in conception and how to increase it.

The book overflows with information from tips on how to get pregnant to becoming as healthy as possible for a smooth and carefree pregnancy. This guide will help women to experience the biggest dream they will ever have, to produce and give birth to a baby. This book will allow women to understand what is going on and what may be the reason why they are having difficulty getting pregnant. This book is well crafted and has high quality and well written content which is easy to apply. It tells you how you can get pregnant even if your gynaecologist has said you can't. Many women who had previously struggled for years to get pregnant, followed the plan in Personal Path to Pregnancy and finally beat infertility and became moms to healthy babies.

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The Personal Path To Pregnancy Official Site

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