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Personal Success Author Seeks to Prove the Success Methods of His New Book by Taking Five Random Volunteers and Making Them Millionaires Without Charging Them

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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- According to author and motivational speaker Robert Harrell M.M., there is an effective way to blend certain thoughts in a manner that can dominate negative habits, inspire positive thinking, and force action toward completing our goals. His own accelerated rise from homeless and failed musician, to polished corporate sales executive came quickly after his revolting discovery. In less than 12 months, he would go from unemployed, overweight, living on a relative’s couch with no transportation to dropping 40 pounds, securing his dream car, moving into his own place to live, and a landing a job as a Sales Executive that produced over $1 million in sales with no prior experience in the telecommunications industry. He then received a promotion and would more than double his sales within his second year on the job before sharing this method in his new book The Position of Power.

Robert believes that when we blend certain thoughts in different ways, the feeling associated can produce automatic goal achievement similar to when the right elements like hydrogen and oxygen are blended together to automatically produce water.

He says “After sharing my method with the world in my book The Position of Power, I have finally decided to step up and answer my calling in life. I will accomplish what no other motivational author/speaker has been willing to do. I will actually prove that my method works and increase my value to society by personally helping 5 people to become new millionaires from scratch. They will become millionaires using their own dreams and goals and I am charging not one single penny for my services!

I am looking to capture, detail, and document their success for others who are in need of this knowledge to help enjoy their own lives more and fulfill their God given potential. I will use my motivational coaching, sales, marketing, assist in development and execution of promotion strategies, grass roots marketing techniques, and help in raising capital to promote those ideas even if it comes from my own pocket! What is more important than all of those things is that I will also apply my most important asset, my faith, to assist in getting their ideas off the ground!”

He is inviting anyone that has an idea or a passionate goal that they would like to get off the ground, to allow him to partner up with you to make your dream a reality. Visit http://thepositionofpower.com/signup.html . In closing, the confident and self assured motivator says “I am dedicating my life, my career, my reputation, and my faith to your success because I realize that my success will come ONLY as a byproduct of your success.”
About Robert Harrell
Robert Harrell M.M. is an accomplished telecom sales executive; self help author and motivational advisor. His meteoric rise from failed musician, suicidal addict and homeless hooligan to polished corporate account executive that produced over $3 million in sales in less than 2 years came quickly after his revolting discovery of a special method to combine certain thoughts in a way that would dominate his actions and force positive steps to produce amazing outcomes. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA where he splits his time between sales training, motivational speaking and charitable event planning.

R. Harrell Elite Enterprises is the Author's personal self help publishing company. For more information, visit thepositionofpower.com. or call 1-(877) 253-5614 today. For the latest, visit http://www.thepositionofpower.com/ or follow @RobertHarrellMM on Twitter.

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