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Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Reveals New Push on Drug DUI Charges


Chandler, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- There’s been a huge push over recently years to improve the safety of roads in the state of Arizona. Due to a combined effort between prosecuting and policing agencies as well as awareness campaigns on the danger of driving while intoxicated, Arizona has managed to witness a marked reduction in the number of DUI and DWI charges levied against its citizens. Unfortunately, what should be a cause for celebration has had unexpected consequences, according to well-known Phoenix criminal defense attorney Mark Nermyr.

As the number of DUI and DWI charges laid in Arizona has fallen, so has the revenue which these charges were previously responsible for generating. Unable to simple sacrifice such a large source of funds, the state of Arizona has come up with a new way in which to recoup their losses; a new blitz on drug DUI charges.

Mark Nermyr, noticing more and more clients seeking a Phoenix criminal lawyer with experience in these matters, realized a trend of increasing amounts of drug DUI charges being laid against Arizona residents. “Not only can a person be charged for DUI because they have been drinking and driving but a person can be charged with DUI if they are driving with an illegal drug in their system,” Mr Nermyr, of criminal defense firm Shell & Nermyr, confirmed. While most people understand the implications of driving under the influence of alcohol, intoxication due to drug use can often be significantly more complicated, prompting the prominent Phoenix-based lawyer to speak out.

Due to the unique physiological implications of drug use, many people can actually be intoxicated by the letter of the law long after the noticeable effects of their drug use have worn off. In fact, it’s possible to test positive for certain substances many weeks after the fact. Arizona criminal attorney Mark Nermyr cites an example; “If a person were to smoke marijuana on July 4th they can be charged with DUI when they are driving to work on July 30th. Because the marijuana metabolite remains in their system for up to 28 days the person is driving with an illegal drug or its metabolite in their system.”

Further, it’s quickly come to light that prescription medication is just as risky, particularly in a state looking to recapture revenue lost from decreasing alcohol-related DUI charges. While not illegal, prescription medical can still result in a charge of DUI if the state proves that the medication affected the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle, a situation that is becoming more and more common according to the team at Shell & Nermyr.

So for those who wish to avoid legal hurdles in their use of the roads, things have just got a whole lot more complicated in the state of Arizona. For those who have fallen victim to this new blitz and wish to access the best criminal defense lawyer Phoenix has to offer, it’s impossible to go past the experience and dedication of Shell & Nermyr, having worked faithfully on behalf of their clients to achieve great results and avoid unjust prosecution.

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