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Piano for All Review: PianoForAll Piano Lessons Online Download

Online Piano Lessons: Learn How to Play Piano With PianoForAll Piano Lessons

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- Piano For All is a complete encyclopedia of piano lessons. The complete e-course program includes 10 piano books for beginners and advanced piano students. The course also provides 200 video lessons and 500 different audio lessons.

The sheer volume of lessons contained in Piano for All will certainly help anyone to quickly learn the advanced techniques of playing the piano. Robin Hall revealed the ultimate secret of learning to play the piano in his e-course. His lessons are carefully arranged and laid out based on the different skill levels of piano students. Each lesson has its own audio and video demonstration which can be accessed directly with a simple click of the mouse.

Music experts were impressed by the system of Robin Hall as it considers the progressive nature of learning. Because of this system, every novice piano student will not get too overwhelmed by the lessons. On the other hand, advanced piano students will not get too bored because there are complex lessons designed for them.

The PianoForAll Piano Lessons Software Programs Official Site

Piano for All Features

PianoForAll online piano lessons includes 10 eBooks that have 500 audio and video demonstrations, exercises and examples to back them up. When the course is downloaded, members will not fail to notice its size – almost a half a gigabyte! Those with slow connections, fortunately, can download one eBook at a time.

The course starts out teaching students the basic chords set to a number of different rhythms to make songs. The rhythms become more complicated over time and the chords gain in sophistication, as well. The eBooks are meant to be used in order, one at a time, so genre-specific chords and rhythms are introduced as students move along through the course. Hall does help speed things up by sharing memorization techniques and useful shortcuts as he goes through the lessons.

While Piano for All does use popular songs in its lessons, they aren’t included in their entirety. This is due to licensing fees. Keep this in mind if members wanted to dive right into play pop hits. In a deviation from traditional lessons, Piano for All waits until students have been given a good foundation in playing by ear before it demonstrates sight reading.

The PianoForAll Piano Lessons Software Programs Official Site

The first nine books of the course are meant to do the actual teaching. The tenth book is a resource loaded with useful information, tips and tricks.

Some of the information includes how to connect a MIDI keyboard to a PC, a list of songs that use the rhythms taught in the course and even book reviews. A bonus eBook, “Increase Your Creative Ability by 400%” is also included. This is a great read and it does include Hall’s own original cartoons, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Piano For All Program Software is extremely interactive and is very easy to use. If the eBook says it’s time to listen to a video or sound file, an icon is embedded right in to make pulling up the file easier. This is an incredibly useful design that other courses like Rocket Piano could benefit from.

Just a note on getting the most out of this course: If it’s possible to set up a keyboard in front of computer, do it. This will make it easier for members to play along and take full advantage of the course.

Piano for All does have some major high points, but there are some shortcomings, as well. The technical and video quality lacks a little and is presented in low resolution. Hall also could have improved the curriculum and really benefited from it. The audio and video audio have an underlying hum, which is pretty annoying.

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The PianoForAll Piano Lessons Software Programs Official Site

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