Pioneer SP-SB23W: High Definition Surround Sound and Dolby Digital Sound Bar

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Lewisville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Pioneer together with expert audio engineer and renowned audio designer Andre Jones will announce Pioneer SP-SB23W a reborn of the late 1990 Pioneer sound system design with wood curve cabinet housing. Pioneer way back designed as Pioneer's spokesperson stated" Wooden speaker and sub woofer housing aids the sound echo and sound management"

Pioneer SP-SB23W : Pioneer come back flagship sound bar, Promises consumers to enable high definition , For the record Pioneer hired Andrew Jones renowned speaker and sub woofer sound bar. Pioneer spokesperson also told:"with the Andres Jones designed the speaker will have a resonance and active digital control but with neo classical touch".

Pioneer SP-SB23W features 6 individual speakers with individual sound driver. Andrew Jones put it this way" each individual speakers are for great sound control and features, this also comes with individual amplifiers"

Pioneer Sp-SB23W sound bar ideal for 42" to 50"inch SMART/LCD TV adaptable also to wide variety of devices including gaming console and mobile phones, including IPhones and IPad Tablets

Pioneer SP-SB23W is also awarded best sound bar, Pioneer SP-SB23W reviews also rated the sound bar as a superb sound bar device . Value for money. Sound bar reviews mentioned Pioneer SP-SB23W as a great mid range sound bar for home entertainment and living room use. Below are Pioneer Sp-SB23W Features


Composite Wood Curved Cabinet
4 – 3? Structured Surface Mid-Woofers
2 – 1? Soft Dome Tweeters
6 x 28 Watt Amplifiers
Bluetooth Music Streaming Built-in
50 Watt Amplifier and independent sub woofer
BlueTooth connectivity

Pioneer SP-SB23W independent Sub woofer place independently with the sound bar is also the work of Andrew Jones designed concept, Meticulously engineer for surround sound performance and beat bass dynamic sound which is integrated for car stereos and car bass and amplifier units, Andrew Jones put it to concept about :" Pioneer is known for dynamic high definition bass in early 90's now we incorporate it to Pioneer Sp-Sb23w"

Pioneer SP -SB23W out of the Box

1 Pioneer SP-SB23W Sound Bar with 6 built in Amplifier /Speakers
1 Independent Sub woofer System
1 Remote
2Connector cables
1 Power Adaptor
Manuals for set up and warranty card
Pioneer SP-SB23W 3 node listening system (mode select movie, dialogue and music)a key feature adjust soothes automatically for optimum listening or movie experience, Pioneer SP-SB23W also decodes and delivers Dolby Digital listening content to every deep bass movie or music as Pioneer designer Andre Jones promised.

About Pioneer
Pioneer Electronics USA makers of car audio, home audio equipments and video equipments , With company website, Ventured making quality audio speakers since 1993 in advent of bass music . Pioneer come back to roots and soul products naming Pioneer SP -SB23W sound Bar as there major market for the mid range sound bar achieved with the help of leading speaker and sub woofer designer Andrew Jones.