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Plug&Score MFI Scoring Solution - A Desktop Version of the Innovative Scoring Software

Plug&Score – a provider of innovative and affordable risk scoring solutions for small and medium sized financial institutions announced the launch of a new desktop version of their software for microfinance institutions.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Plug&Score’s MFI scoring solution is designed with microfinance institutions located in rural areas with limited Internet access in mind.

«Our mission is to make the latest credit scoring technology available to microfinance institutions. With our web-based solution being used by micro lenders worldwide, we now want to target those who do not have access to stable Internet connectivity or have to work completely off line». – Technical Director Sergey Fomin was quoted as saying.

The new software has predefined workflow and application forms for individual and group lending. A generic scorecard and automatic scoring engine are also provided as part of the «out-of-the-box» solution. Plug&Score MFI features clean and easy to use interfaces for credit inspectors and a manager in the head office. While credit inspectors can work offline, the system facilitates data consolidation from the branches for batch processing at the head office.

The Credit Officer’s working place allows users to create new applications for different types of loans, manually enter data about the borrower, automatically process the applications and receive credit risk scoring reports with the system’s recommendation on whether the loan should be granted. Credit officers can also approve and reject loans, or send them to the Head office for additional processing.

All the information about loan applications created and processed in the branches are merged for batch communication and processing in the Head office. The head office manager can review all the applications, approve and reject, or send them back for reprocessing. The manager can also see portfolio reports and scorecard performance reports.

Basic customization (company name, currency etc.) is included in the license fee, while additional customization (new credit products etc.) is available upon request.

With Plug&Score MFI microfinance institutions can enjoy:

- More customers and decreased bad debt losses.
- Fast and accurate credit decisions.
- Efficient customer management.
- Efficient debt collection actions.

All your customers will be precisely rated using an advanced scoring model, developed by credit scoring experts specifically for microfinance. The solution is affordable and will provide the quickest return on investment you will find.

About Plug&Score
Plug&Score is a business division of Scorto Corporation, a globally recognized provider of decision management and risk mitigation solutions and services. Scorto has served lending and credit based organizations since 2005 by providing the most precise and sensible tools and platforms which have allowed its clients to make accurate and timely decisions, quantify credit risk, increase the profitability of credit portfolios, and improve operational efficiency.

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