Portland Couple Use to Petition Against Brutal Actions of ESCO Corporation

Cancer victim and family use social media platforms to bring awareness to the public and fight back.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- One family in Portland is looking for justice. Paul and Holly Hicks were shown no mercy or compassion when the company that Paul worked for, ESCO Corporation, promptly removed him from his position. The family now has no way of continuing treatment for Holly's cancer. The couple is petitioning the company to provide Paul, and employees like him, with the unemployment benefits that they are denying.

The Story
Hailing from Portland, Holly and Paul were both shocked when Holly was diagnosed with cancer. She went on treatment, but Paul continued to work diligently at his job of over 39 years. His father had worked at the same company, ESCO Corp, for 33 years – the family had been with this company over 70 years, and Paul was devoted to it.

Then came September 5th, 2012: “ESCO Corporation told their employees that the company was conducting a "universal" drug screening test and that all employees would have to participate on that day,” says the couple. “Paul Hicks was one of many employees that failed their test that day and was fired. His test showed a "trace" of marijuana in the results. Could it have been from Second Hand Exposure to his wife's use of marijuana while undergoing cancer treatments? Could it have been from taking a few puffs to escape the world of cancer they have been living with? Does either of these things warrant firing a 39 year employee with a shining record?”

What the company did not divulge was that it had been planning layoffs for some time. The “universal” test was ignored by management and special employees, as they were exempt. The test itself was done in a “brutal and humiliating manor” said Paul, and he wasn't the only employee who agreed. This was a “fast and dirty way to get rid of employees”.

The company dismissed him – he received no income, no unemployment benefits, and no health insurance. This meant that Holly was removed from her cancer treatments, promptly and without warning.

Calvin Collins, ESCO Corporation president chose employee termination over layoffs to save money on the company side, showing no compassion on the employee side.

About the petition
The petition is simple in its demands - “1. Please approve unemployment benefits for Paul Hicks for his dedication of 39 years to your company. 2. Please stop discriminating and ensure all employees have to follow the same rules and procedures of your policies. 3. Please stop violating employees’ right to privacy. 4. Please show compassion and allow your employees the opportunity to redeem themselves if extenuating circumstances have put their job at risk. 5. Please take better care of your employees.”

Anyone can sign the petition at

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