Post Election, Another Kind of Weed Dealer Emerges


Daytona Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2016 -- The 2016 Election is behind us and regardless of who you voted for, Marijuana is becoming the big winner. There's no doubt that Pot will be completely legal nationwide sooner than some may have expected and with that, new Weed Businesses will be dotting the landscape in short order.

Tim Papadeas, a Daytona Beach branding professional anticipating the rise of legalization some years back, decided to become a Weed Dealer himself, well, sort of… Beginning in 2011, Papadeas began purchasing brandable Marijuana related domain names, all with the most popular ".com" extension which led to the creation of his website, a green marketplace for great Pot domain names. "I guess I've become a new type of Weed Dealer and while I have no contact with the plant itself, I feel that many of the names that we have for sale will grow to become well-known brands; I really have a sense of pride about that".

"I've been buying these names with market potential in mind" said Papadeas. "Every name that appears on our website, serves as a theme starter for a specific weed related business. Many great weed domain names have already been secured around the world and once they're taken, they're gone. A website like ours gives weed entrepreneurs a second chance to acquire a great Weed Domain for their business concept".

Why is a great domain name so important? Attraction, credibility and marketing identity are just a few reasons.

A domain name is Your Brand on the internet and a great domain name is a huge contributor to business success. CNBC recently reported that economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby have come up with a variety of estimates of just how big the Marijuana Industry is. They gave a range of $10 billion to over $120 billion a year! That's quite a spread but anything within that range is certainly worth tapping into.

If you are planning to create a Marijuana related presence that will really be felt on the internet, grabbing a memorable domain name is a very smart move. The right name will open the door to so many opportunities when marketed effectively.

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