Predivita and BPost Partner to Give Away 10% Discount Coupon on Protein Diet Products

Predivita, the leading Belgium-based manufacturer and marketer of low-calorie, protein-rich products, presents the 10% price-off on all products, in partnership with the Belgian Post Group.

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Antwerp, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Protein dieting in Belgium is now more affordable than it ever has been. Predivita, the country's top manufacturer of protein-rich food at extremely low calories, is giving away discount coupons. In partnership with the Belgian Post Group or bPost, which delivers national and international mail, Predivita is taking 10% off the price tag of its products.

Predivita keeps Belgian customers coming with its revolutionary approach to protein diet product manufacturing. The company, well known in the entire Europe for its many innovations, constantly surprises the market with brand new dishes that satisfies any craving. All the protein-rich, low-calorie food items sold are all products of thorough research.

At, customers will find the mouth-watering food products portfolio, ranging from vitamins and supplements, to bread, to toppings, sauces and dips, to desserts, to beverages, to full meals, to soups, to bars and biscuits, and everything in between. Health buffs can now enjoy the Predivita food products at 10% off using the discount coupon.

Advocated by, the Protein Diet is essentially hinged on the principle that the body needs more protein and should therefore increase intake of what is known as "the building blocks of nutrients." Fats and carbohydrate intake, on the other hand, should be controlled and minimized. sells food products with no less than high quality protein and low calorie content. As such, the healthy weight loss regimen ensures a rapid decrease in fat stores, without hunger, fatigue or the yo-yo effect.

Predivita customers enjoy protein dieting because the company offers easy-to-prepare food in convenient packages. The food products come in powder form in handy little sachets with only water added. Tasty ready-to-eat products are also offered by the company.

To learn more about the 10% price-off on Predivita products in partnership with BPost, please visit for information.

About Predivita
Predivita is a manufacturer of high-protein, low-carb diet food products. Based in Belgium, the company endorses a protein diet that is essentially based on natural proteins.